culture and global diasporas

Jeffrey Scott thunder-root at
Thu Feb 17 21:14:32 UTC 2000

"A thousand Plateaus" deleuze, and guattari's work in particular. Another
book on Shamanism and (?) Colonialism looking into the economic
relationships of the rubber "merchants"-slave traders-hacienda owners and
indigenous magic. author and title escape me now, same press that put out
"theatre and terrorism" study. basic EZLN/FZLN communiques would be of
interest. early baudrillard on the economy of the sign.
note: who were the transnationalists of the ancient world? any good studies
on trade routes (pre-columbian), especially south america-mexico,
afghanistan, egypt-south, etc. the "psychology" of the buddhist
translator-monks who studied at vikramasila and nalanda, multi-lingual
processing and their abstraction into sacred text, via the syncretic.

is anyone working in mayan glyph decipherment or sanskrit?

>Can anyone recommend sources that re-theorize culture and identity in
>light of global diaspora/transnationalism?  Also, if anyone is aware of
>any work applying these concepts to education and curriculum development
>that would be helpful.  Thanks
>Susan Needham
>Assistant Professor
>CSU, Dominguez Hills

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