Creolization? Or Globalization?

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You might be interested in looking at the following article which uses 
Samarin's understanding of pidginization and creolization to examine a case 
of social change and hegemony in Papua New Guinea.

McKellin, William H.
1991    Hegemony and the Language of Change: The Pidginization of Land 
Tenure among the Managalase of Papua New Guinea. Ethnology 30(4):313-324.

At 02:15 PM 20/02/00 -0500, Alex Enkerli wrote:
>Hello all.
>Rachel asks me to elaborate on the "conception of cultural dynamics 
>informed by sociolinguistic issues". Well, the problem is, I don't have 
>specific references handy.
>But scholars do seem increasingly interested in studying the specifics of 
>language change to give them insights in broader patterns of cultural 
>change. At least at Université de Montréal, people like Gilles Bibeau, 
>Pierrette Thibault (and her students), John Leavitt, and Monique Desroches 
>have been looking at such issues in diverse ways. What can language 
>adoption imply in terms of social identity? How do "creole societies" 
>solve issues of cultural integration? What can we infer of culture from an 
>examination of historical linguistics? Etc.
>The terminology describing cultural change is usually rather tricky. Terms 
>like "hybridization", "syncretism", "transculturalism" and, of course, 
>"acculturation", all tend to carry unwanted assumptions. It's the same 
>thing with "creolization" but, in this case, some people are using it to 
>look directly at the linguistic dimension of sociocultural dynamics.
>In fact, this can even be expanded a little bit. In music, for instance, 
>scholars are using sociolinguistic terms like "diglossia" and 
>"code-switching" (Mark Slobin) to describe how people integrate more than 
>one system in their performance.
>Again, sorry for the lack of specific references.

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