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	Hymes' "Linguistic Problems in Defining the Concept of "Tribe" is in
Essays on the Problem of Tribe, American Ethnological Society, 1968.

	As far as the question of inequality in the process of hybridity, I
think Lavie and Swedenburg do a good job discussing this in their introduction
to the book I referenced earlier (Displacement, Diaspora, and Geographies of
Identity) but they are not alone. George Yudice's article "We Are Not the World"
in Social Text 31/32, 1992 is an earlier discussion of inequality in the process
and Frederic Jameson's article in The Cultures of Globalization (Jameson and
Miyoshi, eds. Duke, 1998) is a more recent discussion with economic inequalities
at the center.

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> Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2000 22:30:03 EST
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> Subject: Re: Creolization? Or Globalization?
> Well, to put in my two cents' worth, I'd like to problematize the relationship
> between linguistic phenomena and cultural phenomena, although comparisons are
> often tempting and sometimes very fruitful.  However, it is easy to transfer
> the whole kit of ideas contained in the idea of language (creolization) and
> transfer it to "culture" (hybridity, for example, mistakenly reifies the
> "parent" cultures)--anyone have the reference for Hymes's "Problems in the
> Definition of 'Tribe'"?  I guess my beef with some of the globalization
> literature is that it does not usually address questions of inequality in the
> world system; life becomes a big "it's a small world after all" exhibit at
> Disney World.  The movement of different products and ideas is undeniable; yet
> directionality and capital flow is often left to the side in such discussions.
> Has anyone thought about Kulick's Language Shift and Cultural Reproduction in
> terms of this discussion?  I really liked his argument concerning the shift to
> Pidgin and the association for his informants of particular codes to gendered
> it relevant here?
> John Thiels
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