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Maggie Ronkin ronkinm at
Fri May 4 16:54:14 UTC 2001

Hi Everybody

I have a few career questions from the linguistic side of linguistic
anthropology.  I'd welcome responses and discussion from the anthropology
side.  First, I see few announcements of courses and positions combining
sociolinguistics and linguistic anthropology, perhaps because anthropology
graduate students often complete joint tracks in linguistic and cultural
anthropology that reflect the structure of their discipline.  Are
sociolinguistics PhDs considered as a matter of course for combined
linguistic and cultural anthropology positions?  Assuming that the answer is
something like "not really", what's the best form of preparation or approach
to receive such consideration?  Second, is teaching experience
required/preferred for entry level positions in anthropology departments?
If so, what kind?  (For example, suppose that a sociolinguistics student can
only teach courses that wouldn't be in an anthropology curriculum; is it
better to to view any teaching as an asset or to pass on that experience?)
Third, is the presently perceived need to train students for applied and
interdisciplinary careers having an impact on hiring and/or curricula in
linguistic anthropology?  And what other advice can list members offer
sociolinguists considering entry-level positions in linguistic or linguistic
and cultural anthropology in anthropology departments?  (My frame of
reference is the USA, but I don't want to limit responses or discussion that
might be helpful to others.)

Maggie Ronkin
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