Getting rid of accents

Harold F. Schiffman haroldfs at
Thu May 17 12:29:31 UTC 2001


I wanted to interject here a factoid that I have heard/read, namely, that
AOL's voice hotline (800 number)  takes you to an office somewhere in the
Philippines, where all your questions are answered by local people.
Whether they've been trained to sound like Americans, my source didn't

Hal Schiffman

On Thu, 17 May 2001, Adi Hastings wrote:

> This thread has been interesting, if only for the fact that I'm currently
> in Bangalore, doing fieldwork. About a month ago, I began
> "supplementing" my income by doing voice-over work for CD-ROMs produced
> here for distribution in the U.S. The producers claimed they wanted a
> "real" American accent.
> Adi Hastings
> Ph.D. candidate
> Depts. of Anthropology
>   and Linguistics
> University of Chicago

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