[Linganth] words for language

Harriet J. Ottenheimer mahafan at ksu.edu
Sun Jul 11 02:55:44 UTC 2004

Hi All,

For a book I am working on, I am trying to gather up as many words for
"language" as possible, in as many languages and scripts/writing systems
as possible, and would appreciate whatever help you all can provide.  In
the case of scripts/writing systems not supported by standard MSWord
fonts on a PC I'd appreciate receiving .jpeg pictures or Adobe .pdf
files if at all possible, or URLs to pages from which I can cut and
paste images.  I am especially interested in Native American and African
languages, as those are the ones I currently have the fewest examples
of, but any and all examples would be welcome.


Harriet Ottenheimer
Professor of Anthropology & American Ethnic Studies
Kansas State University
mahafan at ksu.edu

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