Anthro Careers

Kathryn Beaver kathryn.beaver16 at GMAIL.COM
Sat Mar 17 00:48:11 UTC 2012

This seemed like the most logical place to ask a question of this nature, to gather a variety of responses.  I'm already 28, and just now in the Junior year of finishing my Bachelor's Degree in Anthropology.  I absolutely want to get my PhD in Linguistic Anthropology, but I wonder how much more difficult it will be, the older I get.  So I was curious as what all of you view as the most rewarding and most challenging parts of pursuing a degree/career in Anthropology.  All responses are welcome and appreciated, thanks!

P.S. For those who may not know or remember, I am currently observing this list as part of a project one of my Anth classes.  Please follow the link for further information regarding the project:

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