CFP - Semiotic Hitchhikers panel AAA 2012

Judy Pine Judy.Pine at WWU.EDU
Mon Mar 26 23:08:49 UTC 2012

A small group is working on the following panel, we are looking for participants whose papers seem to be a good fit.  Please send abstracts to judy.pine at<mailto:judy.pine at> :

Mendoza-Denton (2012) has proposed the concept of the semiotic hitchhiker to describe the way in which creaky-voice travels across physical and epistemological boundaries, not unscathed by these border crossings but instead developing emergent and unexpected indexical connections through the  intertextuality inherent in this movement. Keane (2007) has  developed the notion of the fetish within what he conceives of as semiotic ideology, using Peircean semiotics to firmly connect the semiotic to the physical world.  In this panel we will draw on  fieldwork from a number of landscapes to explore the potential for hitchhikers and other passengers taking passage upon material vehicles as they create, cross and challenge borders.

The papers in this panel address the way in which significance attaches to particular semiotic vehicles, the impact of this attachment on the vehicle and that which is indexed, the potential for iconization of these indexical connections, and pragmatic uses and impacts of the movement of signs across borders.

Judith M.S. Pine
Assistant Professor
Department of Anthropology
Western Washington University
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