AAA Panel - Transgressive Media: Crossing disciplinary and mediated borders

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Fri Mar 30 15:36:06 UTC 2012

*Call For Papers for the 2012 AAA Annual Meeting in San Francisco: Borders
and Crossings*

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*Transgressive Media: Crossing disciplinary and mediated borders*

Pirate radio, documentary film, hip hop, telenovelas, Twitter, and Facebook
generate popular excitement and stimulate utopian (and dystopian)
imaginings of possibilities for social, cultural, and political
transgression.  These rich imaginings can seem to open their own virtual
spaces of innovation, autonomy, cultural production, and social change.  But
how do these imaginings, autonomies, and virtual spaces transgress their
mediated borders into social, political, or cultural consequences? This
panel critically examines these consequences by seeking out connections
between critical analyses of mass and alternative media content and
ethnographically and historically grounded descriptions of production and
consumption practices. Why have some attempts at transgression through
media succeeded while others have failed? How can queer theory help us
transgress disciplinary boundaries of how to examine media? What visual or
musical strategies have been most useful to states or social movements in
accomplishing their goals? Where have artists, musicians, writers,
filmmakers, television producers, or social media activists transgressed or
transformed political cultures, consumption practices, public health
initiatives, or social movements?

Discussant: Dr. Maple Razsa, Colby College

We are hoping to get submissions that build on the long history of
anthropological work with media while bringing a diverse array of
interdisciplinary and theoretical perspectives.

Please send an abstract no longer than 250 words to Liv Hinegardner (
lkhinega at by April 9.

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