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LINGUIST List Summary, Wed Jan 29 1997.

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  8.112, Qs: Diphthong, Teaching material, RUKI rule

    1) From:     KAMANY <kamany at>
       Subject:  Branching Onsets vs. Heavy Diphthongs
    2) From:     LIJENI at CCIT.ARIZONA.EDU
       Subject:  teaching material
    3) From:     Linda Longerich <lindal at>
       Subject:  RUKI rule

  8.113, Sum: Low vowels in PIE

    1) From:     Steven Schaufele <fcosws at>
       Subject:  Sum: Low vowels in PIE

  8.114, Disc: Pleasure reading

    1) From:     Larry Horn <LHORN at YaleVM.CIS.Yale.Edu>
       Subject:       Linguistically relevant reading material

  8.115, Confs: Paleohispanic, Language processing

    1) From:     "Fco. Javier Mart nez Garc a" <martinez at>
       Subject:  Confs: VII Coloquio sobre lenguas y culturas paleohispanicas,
         Zaragoza, marzo 1997
    2) From:     powers at (David Powers)
       Subject:  PrelimAnnouncement: NeMLaP 3 and the ANLP Fortnight

  8.116, Disc: Analogy, Invented languages

    1) From:     Stirling Newberry <allegro at>
       Subject:  Re: 7.1826, Disc: Analogy
    2) From:     Mark Mandel <Mark at>
       Subject:   Signed languages vs. invented languages

  8.117, Sum: Dative shift

    1) From:     azzaro at (centro multimediale linguistico)
       Subject:  Sum: dative shift

  8.118, Calls: ICCS97, MLA: Applied Linguistics

    1) From:     bmkang at ()
       Subject:  Call for Papers, ICCS97
    2) From:     William Davies <wdavies at>
       Subject:  MLA call: Applied Linguistics

  8.119, Disc: Ebonics

    1) From:     00hfstahlke at
       Subject:  Re: 8.86, Disc: Ebonics
    2) From:     Jacques-Philippe SAINT-GERAND <J.Saint-Gerand at>
       Subject:  Ebonics
    3) From:     Michael Newman <mn24 at>
       Subject:  Re: 8.110, Disc: Ebonics
    4) From:     Kate Gladstone & Andrew Haber <kate at>
       Subject:  Re: Ebonics

  8.120, Jobs: Chinese, Computational, Computational

    1) From:     tomlin at OREGON.UOREGON.EDU (Russell S. Tomlin)
       Subject:  Chinese linguistics, University of Oregon
    2) From:     Angie Chiaverini <achiaver at>
       Subject:  Comp. Linguistics / Text Technologies, Pittsburgh, PA
    3) From:     "Brian Ulicny"<ulicny at>
       Subject:  Computational Linguistics Job

  8.121, FYI: New Journal, Basque, Slavists

    1) From:     "Vadim B. Kasevich" <kasevich at>
       Subject:  New Journal
    2) From:     "I. Laka" <I.Laka at>
       Subject:  Basque grammar web site
    3) From:     Ari Solovyova <asolovyo at>
       Subject:  Wanted: Slavists from Europe

  8.122, Calls: Environments for Grammar Development

    1) From:     Alberto Lavelli <lavelli at>
       Subject:  Environments for Grammar Development

  8.123, Calls: Phonology, Information Retrieval

    1) From:     Wiebke Brockhaus <mflstwb at>
       Subject:  5th Manchester Phonology Meeting
    2) From:     Abdellatif.Saoudi at (Abdellatif Saoudi)
       Subject:  DEADLINE EXTENSION, Information Retrieval

  8.124, Calls: Linguistique romane, Comp phonology

    1) From:     congres at (congres romane (Annick Englebert))
       Subject:  XXIIe Congres Linguistique romane, Bruxelles, 23-29 juillet 1998
    2) From:     John Coleman <jsc at>
       Subject:  Call for papers

  8.125, Disc: Myths in linguistics

    1) From:     "Victoria A. Fromkin" <fromkin at>
       Subject:  Re: 8.39, Sum: Myths in linguistics

  8.126, FYI: Abstracts, Resource Grammar, Fun

    1) From:     michael at (Michael Bernstein)
       Subject:  FYI: Linguistics Working Papers Abstracts on-line
    2) From:     Dan Flickinger <dan at basque.Stanford.EDU>
       Subject:  English Resource Grammar Online Consortium
    3) From:     Kim Mellen <kmel at>
       Subject:  Fun Web Page Announcement

  8.127, Disc: Ebonics

    1) From:     Stirling Newberry <allegro at>
       Subject:  Re: 8.54, Disc: Ebonics
    2) From:     "Karen S. Chung" <karchung at>
       Subject:  Disc: Ebonics
    3) From:     ul949 at (Magda Ciesla)
       Subject:  An unfortunate and unsuitable analogy
    4) From:     Dick Hudson <dick at>
       Subject:  restricted codes and Ebonics

  8.128, Disc: Ebonics

    1) From:     wfking at CCIT.ARIZONA.EDU
       Subject:  Re: 8.110, Disc: Ebonics
    2) From:     bwald at HUMnet.UCLA.EDU (benji wald)
       Subject:  Re: 8.110, Disc: Ebonics/Linguistics myths
    3) From:     Kate Gladstone & Andrew Haber <kate at>
       Subject:  Here's the full text of the L.A. Times anti-Ebonics letter.

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