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  9.143, Qs: Latin, Russian, English Verbs, ESL

    1) From:     MPeter4165 at
       Subject:  References for Latin Verbal Periphrasis
    2) From:     michael at (Michael Ullman)
       Subject:  Russian Word Frequency List
    3) From:     DZIEGELE at
       Subject:  Past Ability (Eng. Verbs)
    4) From:     WOMENinTEC at
       Subject:  ESL Groups of Different Abilities

  9.144, Jobs: English (Vietnam), TESOL (Korea), Comp. Grammar

    1) From:     Denise Law <thelaws at>
       Subject:  Opportunities to Teach English in Vietnam
    2) From:     <ESCo at>
       Subject:  TESOL instructor in KOREA
    3) From:     "Suzanne Coleman" <resourcemgt at>
       Subject:  Computational Grammarian-Spanish

  9.145, FYI: Lang & Gesture (URLs), NLP Download (U. Hawaii)

    1) From:     Robin Allott <RMAllott at>
    2) From:     Anne Sing <annes at>

  9.146, Books: Lang Acquisition

    1) From:     "Dan I. SLOBIN" <slobin at COGSCI.Berkeley.EDU>
       Subject:  New Book:  Lang Acquisition

  9.147, Calls: ESSLLI'98 (2nd), CogSci Summer School

    1) From:     Detmar Meurers <dm at>
       Subject:  Current Topics in Constraint-Based Theories of Germanic Syntax (2.CFP)
    2) From:     CogSci Summer School <school at>
       Subject:  Workshop on Analogy

  9.148, Review: Mon-Khmer Studies 27

    1) From:     neil.olsen at
       Subject:  Review of Mon-Khmer Studies 27

  9.149, Sum: Etyma

    1) From:     "Maria Carlota A. P. Rosa" <carlota at>
       Subject:  Sum: Etyma

  9.150, TOC: Glot International 3:1

    1) From:     Rene Mulder <mulder at>
       Subject:  Glot International 3:1

  9.151, Disc: Penultimate Posting: Presciptivism

    1) From:     Mark Mandel <Mark at>
       Subject:   disc: prescriptivism

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