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  9.161, Disc: Europanto

    1) From:     "Radu Daniliuc" <srdan at>
       Subject:  Re: 9.130.3 Europanto

  9.162, Review: ter Meulen: Time in natural language

    1) From:     Anne Reboul <Anne.Reboul at>
       Subject:  Re: Ter Meulen's Review

  9.163, FYI: CALD Workshop on Mixed Media Databases

    1) From:     witbrock at
       Subject:  CALD Workshop on Mixed Media Databases

  9.164, FYI: Nameserver, ELRA, Gender across language

    1) From:     Norval Smith <Norval.Smith at>
       Subject:  Linguists' Nameserver
    2) From:     info-elra at (Valerie Mapelli)
    3) From:     "Hadumod Bussmann" <Hadumod.Bussmann at>
       Subject:  Gender across languages

  9.165, Jobs: Comp Ling,TSS,Professorship,Phonology/Semantics

    1) From:     KOENRAAD DE SMEDT <desmedt at>
       Subject:  Top position available in Bergen
    2) From:     Linda Means CS/50 <means at>
       Subject:  Translation Systems Specialist, General Motors
    3) From:     Kirstin Fredrickson <fredrick at>
       Subject:  English dept.
    4) From:     Lynne Ballard <lballard at>
       Subject:  Visiting Positions in Phonology and Semantics

  9.166, Calls: Romani, TSD'98, RMMLA/ADS

    1) From:     y.matras at (Yaron Matras)
       Subject:  4th Romani Linguistics Conference
    2) From:     Pavel Smrz <smrz at>
       Subject:  TSD'98 Text, Speech and Dialog
    3) From:     sjhodges at CCGATE.HAC.COM
       Subject:  Deadline extended!!! Re: RMMLA/ADS call for papers

  9.167, Confs: LSRL 28 & WML

    1) From:     "Lisa A. Reed" <lar13 at>
       Subject:  Conference program (Ling. Symp. & Math. Ling.)

  9.168, Confs: Texas Linguistic Society 1998

    1) From:     Texas Linguistic Society <tls at>
       Subject:  1998 TLS: Exploring the Boundaries Between Phonetics and Phonology

  9.169, Sum: Russian word frequency lists

    1) From:     michael at (Michael Ullman)
       Subject:  Sum: Russian word frequency lists

  9.170, Qs: Breast/Milk,NLP,Irrealis Modality,Byzantine Voc

    1) From:     Krisadawan Hongladarom <artfkhl at>
       Subject:  The Words for Breast/Milk
    2) From:     Anne Sing <annes at>
       Subject:  NLP Software
    3) From:     C.Bowern at (Claire Bowern)
       Subject:  Irrealis Modality
    4) From:     tata <tata at>
       Subject:  Byzantine Architecture Vocabulary

  9.171, Disc: L2 and Dreams

    1) From:     Marilyn Silva <msilva5 at>
       Subject:  Re: 9.135, Disc: L2 and Dreams

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