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  9.180, Jobs: French/English Ling, Postdoc, NLP (Xerox)

    1) From:     Dirk Speelman <Dirk.Speelman at>
       Subject:  French/English Ling
    2) From:     "Bonnie J. Dorr" <bonnie at>
    3) From:     Gilbert Harrus <Gilbert.Harrus at>
       Subject:  Project Leader--Xerox Research Centre Europe

  9.181, Qs: IPAKielSeven, Spoken English Corpus, Spanish

    1) From:     Rebecca Larche Moreton <mlrlm at>
       Subject:  IPAKielSeven
    2) From:     mvizcaino at (Maria Jose Garcia Vizcaino)
       Subject:  Spoken English Corpus
    3) From:     Jovan & Jelena Filipovic <jfilipovic at sezampro.yu>
       Subject:  Spanish word frequency dictionaries

  9.182, TOC: IJGLSA (Fall 1997)

    1) From:     "C. Sean Ketchem" <ketchem at>
       Subject:  TOC:  IJGLSA

  9.183, Qs: Word Origins,Corpus Ling,Ebonics,Medical Lang

    1) From:     Hartmut Spetzler <Spetzler at Colorado.EDU>
       Subject:  Word Origins CD
    2) From:     Stefania Spina <sspina at>
       Subject:  Corpus Linguistics
    3) From:     michael s hughes <michaelaking at>
       Subject:  Ebonics
    4) From:     "Dr. John H.V. Gilbert" <johnhvg at>
       Subject:  Doctors Talking to Patients

  9.184, Calls: CSDL-4, Cognitive Morphology

    1) From:     csdl-4 at (csdl-4)
       Subject:  Call:  CSDL-4
    2) From:     Christof Vanden Eynde <Christof.VandenEynde at>
       Subject:  Cognitive Morphology

  9.185, TOC: LLT v. 1, n. 2

    1) From:     Chad T Green <cgreen at>
       Subject:  LLT v. 1, n. 2 is available (fwd)

  9.186, Calls: 2nd Flexible Hypertext WS, ESSLLI'98 (Final)

    1) From:     Maria Milosavljevic <mariam at>
       Subject:  2nd Flexible Hypertext Workshop
    2) From:     Brigitte Krenn <krenn at CoLi.Uni-SB.DE>
       Subject:  final call: ESSLLI98-Workshop Corpus Annotation

  9.187, Books: Language Instinct

    1) From:     Joanne Coen <106664.1047 at>
       Subject:  Language Instinct

  9.188, FYI: NSF, WWW Semantic Net, Phonology Game, ETRW

    1) From:     pchapin at
       Subject:  Major new NSF funding initiative
    2) From:     Douglas Beeferman <Douglas_Beeferman at>
       Subject:  WWW Semantic Net Resource
    3) From:     "Sean Jensen" <seanj at>
       Subject:  The Phonology Game
    4) From:     Helmer Strik <strik at let.kun.NL>
       Subject:  ETRW 'Modeling pronunciation variation for ASR'

  9.189, Qs: Corpus, Action, Lang Software for WIN95

    1) From:     wcrawfor at
       Subject:  American English Spoken Corpus
    2) From:     Raija S Solatie <rsolatie at>
       Subject:  About "Action"
    3) From:     Aleksas Girdenis <girdenis at>
       Subject:  Qs: Software for Windows-95

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