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  9.221, Qs: ASL as L2, Horn-honking, Tobacco Ads.

    1) From:     Megan Elizabeth Melancon <mmelan2 at>
       Subject:  Re: ASL as L2
    2) From:     "Prof. R.M. Chandler-Burns" <rchandlr at>
       Subject:  horn-honking & door-knocking
    3) From:     Andrew Hayes <hayes at>
       Subject:  research about the language of tobacco advertising

  9.222, Calls: Slavic Linguistics, Corpus-Based Terminology

    1) From:     "c. vakareliyska" <vakarel at OREGON.UOREGON.EDU>
       Subject:  FASL 1998
    2) From:     Gamper Johann <Johann.Gamper at>
       Subject:  Workshop on Corpus-Based Terminology

  9.223, Calls: Comparative Romance Linguistics,Asian Languages

    1) From:     "sonia.colina" <scolina at>
       Subject:  MLA Comparative Romance Linguistics Discussion Group
    2) From:     Khoo Soo Guan <ASSGKHOO at>
       Subject:  CFP: International Workshop: Information Retrieval with
              Asian Languages

  9.224, Qs: Arabic, Fiji Lang., Icelandic, Russian-English

    1) From:     "Craig McL. Wallace" <craigwal at>
       Subject:  Arabic Sociolinguistics Contents
    2) From:     molsen at (Mari Broman Olsen)
       Subject:  Fiji Correspondence Course
    3) From:     Antony Dubach Green <green at>
       Subject:  Icelandic phonology
    4) From:     "Kamneva, Natalia" <nyuka at>
       Subject:  Comparison of Russian and English vocabulary

  9.225, Jobs: Research Positions in Taiwan, Spanish

    1) From:     linguist <linguist at>
       Subject:  Research Positions in Academia Sinica
    2) From:     "Linda R. WILLIAMS" <LWilliam at IUSMail.IUS.Indiana.Edu>
       Subject:  Spanish Position

  9.226, Confs: Tai Studies

    1) From:     Yuphaphann Hoonchamlong <yui at>
       Subject:  Conference: Second Announcement: Tai Studies

  9.227, Sum: Syntax and Semantics of "Photograph"

    1) From:     Graeme Forbes <forbes at>
       Subject:  Re: Syntax and Semantics of "Photograph"

  9.228, Qs: Do/Have, Disabilities, Spanish, Primates

    1) From:     ibirks at (Ivan BIRKS)
       Subject:  NICE HAVE ?
    2) From:     Johanna Rubba <jrubba at>
       Subject:  Re: 9.213, Sum: Foreign Language Learning Disability
    3) From:     Victor Prijker <shiket at>
       Subject:  About Spanish articles
    4) From:     pugs <pugs at>
       Subject:  Phonemes amongst other primates

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