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  9.274, FYI: MLA, JAVA Speech, NEH Deadline

    1) From:     Cynthia Bernstein <bernscy at>
       Subject:  MLA Topics
    2) From:     "Philip A. Bralich, Ph.D." <bralich at>
       Subject:  JAVA SPEECH API
    3) From:     "Aguera, Helen" <HAguera at>
       Subject:  Application Deadline for NEH (Preservation and Access)

  9.275, Qs: Bahasa Passive, Gay Lang, Vietnamese, Amistad

    1) From:     jouberjf at (Joubert, Jean-Francois)
       Subject:  Bahasa Passive
    2) From:     Macintosh User <pmkst14+ at>
       Subject:  Attitudes towards Gay Men's language
    3) From:     "margaret albers" <ALBERS_M at>
       Subject:  Generative Studies on Vietnamese Syntax
    4) From:     Dan Maxwell <100101.2276 at>
       Subject:  SLA in Amistad

  9.276, Disc: NLP and Syntax

    1) From:     John Phillips <john at>
       Subject:  Re: 9.255, Disc: NLP and syntax
    2) From:     Anne Sing <annes at>
       Subject:  Re: 9.255, Disc: NLP and syntax
    3) From:     jock at
       Subject:  re: NLP and the best theory of syntax

  9.277, Sum: "Speech Gene"

    1) From:     Lynn Alan Eubank <eubank at>
       Subject:  citation and other info on the 'speech gene' research

  9.278, Calls: Labelled Deduction, Endangered Languages

    1) From:     ld98 <ld98 at>
       Subject:  LD'98 Second CFP
    2) From:     Nicholas Ostler <nostler at>
       Subject:  CFP: Endangered Languages - Edinburgh, 25-27 Sept 98

  9.279, Qs: Spanish Textbooks,Jean Aitchison,Y'all/Ya'll

    1) From:     Jersy Kowal <jkowal at>
       Subject:  Textbooks for Spanish in French
    2) From:     Braima <braima at>
       Subject:  Jean Aitchison's Book
    3) From:     "Francis C. Watson" <fcwatson at>
       Subject:  Which spelling is best...y'all -or- ya'll?

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