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  9.293, Disc: Wh Movement

    1) From:     Lukasz Pielasa <lluke at>
       Subject:  Q: wh-movement

  9.294, Confs: The Role & Development of Language in Asia

    1) From:     "Hazidi Abdul Hamid" <scribe at>
       Subject:  The Role of Language in a Borderless World:
         Harkening to the Voices of Asia

  9.295, Qs: Chinese,Deletion,L2 Learning,Gumperz Video

    1) From:     projetcp at
       Subject:  English Loanwords in Chinese Mandarin
    2) From:     tosmauro at (Mauro Tosco)
       Subject:  Non-coronals Deletion before Affixes
    3) From:     English.2000 at
       Subject:  Nonconventional Approaches
    4) From:     "Laura Christine Hartley" <hartleyl at>
       Subject:  Gumperz Video

  9.296, Confs: LREC

    1) From:     Simone Saint Laurent <lrec at>

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