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  9.322, FYI: Translation,NEH,Summer Studies,Soviet Census

    1) From:     "Dr. Jose L. Varela-Ibarra" <Jvarela at UTB1.UTB.EDU>
       Subject:  Translation Studies Forum
    2) From:     "Aikin, Jane" <JAikin at>
       Subject:  NEH Fellowships 1999-2000
    3) From:     Tobias Scheer <scheer at>
       Subject:  5th Central European Summer School
    4) From:     Trond Trosterud <Trond.Trosterud at>
       Subject:  Announcement: Soviet ethnicity and lg prof data available online

  9.323, Jobs: ESL, TESOL, Syntax

    1) From:     "Alexis Copeland" <alexis at>
    2) From:     "Alexis Copeland" <alexis at>
       Subject:  TESOL-Monterey Institute of Intl Studies
    3) From:     Peter Avery <pavery at>
       Subject:  Syntax-York University, Toronto

  9.324, Qs: Indian Langs,ESOL/EFL,"Put",Spencer Article

    1) From:     "FELIX ALVAREZ" <felixalv at>
       Subject:  Indian Languages & Chinese dialects
    2) From:     "FELIX ALVAREZ" <felixalv at>
       Subject:  NS English teaching & ESOL/EFL methodology
    3) From:     Irina Sekerina <sekerina at>
       Subject:  Qs: Acquisition of the verb "put"
    4) From:     Kutz <kutz at>
       Subject:  Andrew Spencer Article

  9.325, Confs: AMTA-98 (Machine Translation)

    1) From:     Eduard Hovy <hovy at ISI.EDU>
       Subject:  AMTA-98 (Machine Translation)

  9.326, Calls: Coling-ACL'98

    1) From:     Priscilla Rasmussen <rasmusse at>
       Subject:  Coling-ACL'98 Workshop Announcements
    2) From:     mros at (Mike Rosner)
       Subject:  COLING WS--Computational Approaches to Semitic Languages

  9.327, FYI: LSA Bulletin, LREC Exhibition, AAA'98-Metaphor

    1) From:     ZZLSA at
       Subject:  March 1998 LSA Bulletin
    2) From:     elra-elda at (Malin Nilsson)
       Subject:  Invitation to EXHIBITION at LREC
    3) From:     "Marie-Lucie Tarpent" <Marie-Lucie.Tarpent at MSVU.Ca>
       Subject:        Re: language/metaphor session at AAA 98

  9.328, Disc: Natural Language Processing and Syntax

    1) From:     Pius ten Hacken <tenhacken at>
       Subject:  Re:  Disc: NLP and Syntax (Re 9-255)

  9.329, Sum: (Un)certainty

    1) From:     Henny Klein <E.H.Klein at>
       Subject:  (Un)certainty

  9.330, Calls: Computational Terminology,Knowledge Engineering

    1) From:     Christian.Jacquemin at
       Subject:  Computational Terminology Workshop
    2) From:     "PETER SANDRINI" <Peter.Sandrini at>
       Subject:  Terminology & Knowledge Engineering

  9.331, Disc: State of Comparative Linguistics

    1) From:     "Robert R. Ratcliffe" <ratcliff at>
       Subject:  Re: 9.313, Disc: State of comparative linguistics
    2) From:     "Patrick C. Ryan" <proto-language at>
       Subject:  Re:      9.313, Disc: State of comparative linguistics
    3) From:     "Henry M. Hoenigswald" <henryh at>
       Subject:  Historical-comparative work

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