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  9.362, Sum: Past Ability Verbs

    1) From:     Ms Debra Ziegeler <Debra.Ziegeler at>
       Subject:  summary: past ability verbs

  9.363, Jobs: Ling Anthropologist, Postdoc Research Officer

    1) From:     Louanna Furbee <anthnlf at>
       Subject:  Linguistic Anthropologist
    2) From:     Gillian Craw <g.craw at>
       Subject:  JOB VACANCY - Postdoctoral Research Officer

  9.364, Calls: Convergence/Divergence of Dialects,Kansas WPL

    1) From:     Paul Kerswill <P.E.Kerswill at>
       Subject:  Convergence/Divergence of Dialects
    2) From:     jkyle at
       Subject:  Kansas Working Papers in Linguistics

  9.365, Calls: Lang Development (BU), 5th WoLLIC'98

    1) From:     agrhill at
       Subject:  BU Conf. on Lang. Dev.
    2) From:     Ruy de Queiroz <ruy at>
       Subject:  5th WoLLIC'98 - 3rd Call

  9.366, Calls: Coling-ACL'98 (Extended), CHum Vol. 31

    1) From:     Priscilla Rasmussen <rasmusse at>
       Subject:  Coling-ACL'98 (Deadline Extension)
    2) From:     "Nancy M. Ide" <ide at>
       Subject:  Computers and the Humanities

  9.367, Qs: French,Bus Lang,Lang/Brain,Cross-Cultural

    1) From:     atarkow <atarkow at>
       Subject:  French Lang Laws
    2) From:     "Kit-Ken Loke" <KKLOKE at>
       Subject:        Q: language in business
    3) From:     Ana Armenderiz <armenda at>
       Subject:  Language location in the brain
    4) From:     A L Sellami <A.L.Sellami at>
       Subject:  Cross-cultural methodology

  9.368, Disc: NLP and Syntax

    1) From:     Pius ten Hacken <tenhacken at>
       Subject:  Re: 9.342, Disc: NLP and Syntax
    2) From:     "Samuel L. Bayer" <sam at>
       Subject:  Re: 9.342, Disc: NLP and Syntax
    3) From:     pmenzel at (Peter Menzel)
       Subject:  NLP and syntax

  9.369, Confs: Linguistics Association of Great Britain

    1) From:     b.clark at
       Subject:  Linguistics Association of Great Britain

  9.370, Calls: Cliticization (France), CSDL-4

    1) From:     muller <muller at>
       Subject:  Cliticization
    2) From:     csdl-4 at (csdl-4)
       Subject:  CSDL  2nd call for abstracts

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