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  9.374, Qs: Word Freq,Emotional Lang,Verbs,Native American

    1) From:     "Peter Renowden" <peter_ren at>
       Subject:  Word Frequency Lists
    2) From:     "R.M.Stibbard" <R.M.Stibbard at>
       Subject:  Refs: Field Studies on Emotional Speech
    3) From:     Gisbert Fanselow <fanselow at>
       Subject:  Verb Movement and Verbal Morphology
    4) From:     "(The Left Rev.) John Konopak" <jkonopak at>
       Subject:  Query: Words in Native American languages

  9.375, Jobs: TESL/TEFL (Taiwan), NLP (Microsoft-Seattle)

    1) From:     troy01 at (troy01)
       Subject:  TESL/TEFL Da-Yeh U (Taiwan)
    2) From:     Beryl Gorbman <Beryl at>
       Subject:  Computational Lexicographers (French & Spanish) in Seattle

  9.376, Calls: Typology & Theory, General Ling

    1) From:     ruben.van-de-vijver at (Ruben van de Vijver)
       Subject:  syllable conference
    2) From:     teresalw at
       Subject:  WECOL '98 CFP

  9.377, Calls: Senseval & Lexicography, Computational Ling

    1) From:     Adam.Kilgarriff at (Adam Kilgarriff)
       Subject:  SENSEVAL 2nd call for participants and papers
    2) From:     SIGPHON98 <sigphon at>
       Subject:  SIGPHON98 Workshop

  9.378, Confs: Lab Phonology

    1) From:     Paul Carter <pgc104 at>
       Subject:  LabPhon6: draft programme and registration info

  9.379, TOC: The Proceedings of PALC-97

    1) From:     "Rafal Uzar" <raffy at>
       Subject:  PALC97 Proceedings

  9.380, FYI: Korean List,Left/Right Asym,Richard Mather Lect

    1) From:     david at (David J. Silva)
       Subject:  Korean Linguistics Mailing List
    2) From:     bingfu <bingfu at>
       Subject:  An Anecdote of Left-Right Asymmetries
    3) From:     David Prager Branner <yrs at>
       Subject:  Dante & the Vernaculars: Chinese & Western (Mpls)

  9.381, Disc: State of Comparative Linguistics

    1) From:     manaster at
       Subject:  Re: 9.343, Disc: State of Comparative Linguistics

  9.382, Qs: If-Then,-mt Words in Eng,Service-Industry Lang

    1) From:     Vincent DeCaen <decaen at>
       Subject:  If-Then?  Semantics, Crosslinguistics, Biblical Hebrew
    2) From:     alan harris <vcspc005 at>
       Subject:  -mt Words in English
    3) From:     "R. Fouser" <rjfouser at>
       Subject:  Service-Industry Language

  9.383, Disc: NLP and Syntax

    1) From:     "Philip A. Bralich, Ph.D." <bralich at>
       Subject:  Re: 9.368, Disc: NLP and Syntax
    2) From:     Mark Douglas Arnold <mdarnold at>
       Subject:  (NLP/Syntax)--->Modularity of Mind

  9.384, Confs: 11th CUNY Conf on Human Sentence Processing

    1) From:     "CUNY '98 Conference" <cuny at>
       Subject:  CUNY conference next week

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