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  9.462, Jobs: Post-Doc (Cog Sci),Lang Resource (Columbia)

    1) From:     Robert Frank <rfrank at>
       Subject:  Ling Post-Doc Fellowship at JHU Cognitive Science
    2) From:     "Harold F. Schiffman" <haroldfs at>
       Subject:  Job at Columbia U.

  9.463, Calls: TSD98 WS, Konvens98

    1) From:     Ivan Kopecek <kopecek at>
       Subject:  TSD98 Workshop -- 2nd Call for Papers
    2) From:     Bernhard Schroeder <B.Schroeder at>
       Subject:  2nd CfP Konvens98

  9.464, Jobs: ZSP (China), Applied Ling

    1) From:     Weiping Wu <weiping at>
       Subject:   ZSP Final Update
    2) From:     "Glenn Ayres" <gayres at>
       Subject:  Applied Ling--American Univ. (Puerto Rico)

  9.465, Confs: Lexical Functional Grammar Conference

    1) From:     Tracy Holloway King <thking at>
       Subject:  1998 International Lexical Functional Grammar Conference

  9.466, Confs: Phonology

    1) From:     Rene Kager <rene.kager at>
       Subject:  Third Utrecht Biannual Phonology Workshop

  9.467, Disc: State of Comparative Linguistics

    1) From:     manaster at
       Subject:  Re: 9.453, Disc: State of Comparative Linguistics
    2) From:     bwald at HUMnet.UCLA.EDU (bwald)
       Subject:  Re: 9.453, Disc: State of Comparative Linguistics

  9.468, Sum: Mood Phrase

    1) From:     barrett at (Leslie Barrett)
       Subject:  Mood Phrase

  9.469, Sum: Twin Language

    1) From:     comrie at (Bernard Comrie)
       Subject:  Twin Language

  9.470, Qs: D.E.B.R.A.,Grammar Books,Spanglish,Nuristani

    1) From:     Hazel Suchard <cyber at>
       Subject:  D.E.B.R.A.
    2) From:     Wolfgang Schulze <W.Schulze at>
       Subject:  Favorite Books on Grammar etc 1996-1998
    3) From:     "Alfred F. Rosa" <arosa at>
       Subject:  Spanglish
    4) From:     "Melia M. E. Brush" <ememb at>
       Subject:  Nuristani References

  9.471, Qs: Learning Ling,Slavic,Geminates,French

    1) From:     "D. Andrews" <dandrews at>
       Subject:  Technology for Learning Linguistics
    2) From:     Elena Rudnitskaya <erudnits at>
       Subject:  Dative Infinitive Subjects in Slavic Languages
    3) From:     NORA AION <naion at>
       Subject:  Geminates
    4) From:     R.D.N.Walker at
       Subject:  Language Interference in France.

  9.472, Books: Cognitive Ling

    1) From:     Christoph Eyrich <eyrich at>
       Subject:  New Book: Cognitive Linguistics

  9.473, Jobs: Computational Ling, European Langs

    1) From:     Deborah Coughlin <deborahc at>
       Subject:  Internship: Computational Linguistics (Micorosoft)
    2) From:     Martin Ehala <ehala at>
       Subject:  European Langs

  9.474, Confs: Communication for Special Purposes

    1) From:     Martin Stegu <martin.stegu at>
       Subject:  Communication for Special Purposes

  9.475, Calls: Comparative Germanic Syntax, Negation

    1) From:     Christer Platzack <Christer.Platzack at>
    2) From:     "Paul Rowlett" <P.A.Rowlett at>
       Subject:  Negation Conference - FINAL CALL

  9.476, Confs: Diachronic Generative Syntax

    1) From:     Susan Pintzuk <sp20 at>
       Subject:  Diachronic Generative Syntax Conference

  9.477, Confs: Syntax

    1) From:     Anders.Holmberg at (Anders Holmberg)
       Subject:  Syntax

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