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  9.488, Review: Boguraev & Pustejovsky: Corpus Processing.

    1) From:     Kevin Cohen <kevin at>
       Subject:  Review of Boguraev and Pustejovsky

  9.489, FYI: Blackwell/Maryland Lectures (update)

    1) From:     Lauren Elsaesser <LELSA at>
       Subject:  Blackwell/Maryland Lectures (update)

  9.490, Sum: Queer Linguistics

    1) From:     Johanna Rubba <jrubba at>
       Subject:  Sum: Queer linguistics

  9.491, Confs: Linguistic Theory in Eastern European Languages

    1) From:     "Tibor Szecsenyi" <sztibor at>
       Subject:  Conference on Linguistic Theory in Eastern European Languages

  9.492, Sum: Corpus Analysis of Hypertext

    1) From:     Einat Amitay <einat at>
       Subject:  Corpus Analysis of Hypertext - Results

  9.493, Qs: Lang Acq,Facial Features,Passives,Stylistics

    1) From:     "MOHY" <beno at>
       Subject:  Language Acquisition
    2) From:     Chris Beckwith <beckwith at>
       Subject:  Names of Facial Features
    3) From:     ocls at (George Elgin, Suzette Haden Elgin)
       Subject:  Followup: Agents and Patients
    4) From:     Alex <architec at>
       Subject:  Stylistics

  9.494, TOC: Langues et Grammaire II & III: Phonologie

    1) From:     patrick sauzet <sauzet at>
       Subject:  "Langues et Grammaire" Proceedings

  9.495, FYI: Summer Courses, Conference List, Tenselessness

    1) From:     Valmala Elguea Vidal <fipvaelv at>
       Subject:  Summer Courses: Syntax/Semantics/Philosophy of Language
    2) From:     Peter White <peterw at>
       Subject:  Latest conference list
    3) From:     Vincent DeCaen <decaen at>
       Subject:  tenselessness?

  9.496, Calls: Workshop on Modality, Storage and Computation

    1) From:     BARBIERS at
       Subject:  Workshop on Modality (second call for papers)
    2) From:     "LOT (Christien Bok)" <lot at>
       Subject:  second call for papers

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