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  10.423, Jobs: Computational Linguistics

    1) From:     Sandypac30 at
       Subject:  Software Engineer in Speech Technology; Silicon Valley, CA
    2) From:     Sandypac30 at
       Subject:  Software Engineer in Speech Modeling and Synthesis

  10.424, Books: Dictionary

    1) From:     "Igor Fagradiants" <Igor at>
       Subject:  Explanatory Dictionary of the Russian Language, Edited by D.N.Ushakov

  10.425, Books: Semantics/Syntax

    1) From:     Rint Sybesma <rint at>
       Subject:  Determiners, Quantificational Strategies, Evidence from Salish

  10.426, Support: Ph.D in Neural Network Models

    1) From:     Victoria Murphy <V.A.Murphy at>
       Subject:   Ph.D'ship in Neural Network Models at U of Hertfordshire

  10.427, All: Annual report from LINGUIST

    1) From:     linguist at
       Subject:  Annual report from LINGUIST

  10.428, Qs: Idiomatic expressions, ESL, German modals

    1) From:     elkareh/tharwat <clt at>
       Subject:  Idiomatic expressions
    2) From:     Thomas Dinsmore <Thomas.H.Dinsmore at UC.Edu>
       Subject:  Volunteer ESL Instructor Training
    3) From:     dltra1 at
       Subject:  German modal particles

  10.429, Calls: EvoIASP99, Typology

    1) From:     cagnoni at CE.UniPR.IT
       Subject:  EvoIASP99 Call for Late-breaking papers
    2) From:     "Jan.Nuyts" <nuyts at>
       Subject:  Cognitive Typology Conference

  10.430, Jobs: Computational ling, Acoustic phonetic engineers

    1) From:     Claudia Morettini <claudia at>
       Subject:  OSU tenure-track faculty position in computational linguistics
    2) From:     Sandypac30 at
       Subject:  Statistical language models/acoustic phonetic model engineers

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