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  10.442, Support: PhD Studentship/Natural Lang Processing/UK

    1) From:     y.wilks at (Yorick Wilks)
       Subject:  Studentship/Natural Language Processing

  10.443, Calls: NLP/ACL, Tense Aspect & Mood

    1) From:     Andy Kehler <kehler at>
       Subject:  ACL Workshop on Unsupervised Learning for NLP
    2) From:     Tim Stowell <stowell at>
       Subject:  CHRONOS: Conference on Tense, Aspect, & Mood @ Thermi

  10.444, Confs: Lang Change in Japan & East Asia

    1) From:     "Thomas McAuley" <T.E.McAuley at>
       Subject:  Language Change in Japan and East Asia

  10.445, Qs: Jamaican, Japanese, French, Boustrophedon

    1) From:     Elena Tapia <TAPIAE at ECSUC.CTSTATEU.EDU>
       Subject:  Jamaican English Oral Discourse
    2) From:     "orie fukutomi" <n9327544 at>
       Subject:  Zero Pronoun in Japanese
    3) From:     Aimee Johansen <johansen at>
       Subject:  Quebec French syntax
    4) From:     Richard Sproat <rws at>
       Subject:  Boustrophedon Writing

  10.446, Calls: Teaching Spanish, Machine Translation

    1) From:     Patricia MacGregor-Mendoza <pmacgreg at NMSU.Edu>
       Subject:  Teaching Spanish to Native Speakers
    2) From:     ren at
       Subject:  Computer Language Information Processing

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