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  10.1641, FYI: Summer School in Ling./Spain

    1) From:     "Joan Rafel" <rafel at>
       Subject:  The 2000 Girona International Summer School in Linguistics (GISSL)

  10.1642, Jobs: Content Specialist, Socioling./ESL

    1) From:     "Linda S. Leppig" <lleppig at>
       Subject:  ESL, Spanish, French, Italian: Content Specialist at
         The Learning Company, Tennessee USA
    2) From:     Hikaru Kitabayashi <hkitabayashi at>
       Subject:  Socioling or ESL: Lecturer at Daito Bunka University, Tokyo Japan

  10.1643, Qs: German Quantifiers, Internet Word-Formation

    1) From:     MAS <mshellen at>
       Subject:  The German Quantifiers Manche and Einege
    2) From:     "x620504 at" <x620504 at>
       Subject:  features of Internet word-formation

  10.1644, Sum: for Query:10.1459.3 Lexical Semantics Readings

    1) From:     Heidi Harley <hharley at U.Arizona.EDU>
       Subject:  Summary #2: Lexical Semantics Readings Request, from Linguist list  volume 10.1459.3

  10.1645, FYI: NEH application,Protosociology Announcement

    1) From:     "Arnold, Douglas" <DArnold at>
       Subject:  National Endowment for the Humanities: Applications to Conduct a         Seminar or Institute in Summer 2001
    2) From:     Gerhard Preyer <preyer at>
       Subject:  Protosociology: Announcement

  10.1646, Qs: Danish Infinitives, Conceptualization of Women

    1) From:     Uri Horesh <urihores at>
       Subject:  Danish Infinitives
    2) From:     "zmaalej" <zmaalej at>
       Subject:  How Women are Conceptualised Again!

  10.1647, Sum: Graphic Discourse Analysis

    1) From:     Damon Clark <damon at>
       Subject:  Graphic Discourse Analysis

  10.1648, Jobs: General Linguistics/Department Chair/Ottawa

    1) From:     Dr.David.Staines at, Dean <dstaines at>
       Subject:  Chair, Linguistics: Senior Associate or Full Professor at University of Ottawa, Ontario Canada

  10.1649, Disc: New Re: Cyber-linguistic Questions

    1) From:     Michael McHale <mchale at>
       Subject:  Cyber-linguistic Questions

  10.1650, Calls: ESL/Lang & Culture, Applied Linguistics

    1) From:     Irene Brosnahan <itbrosna at>
       Subject:  ESL/Language and Culture
    2) From:     Henriette Gezundhajt <acla at>
       Subject:  Canadian Association of Applied Linguistics

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