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  10.1712, Books: History of Linguistics, Perceptual Dialectology

    1) From:     Paul Peranteau <paul at>
       Subject:  History of Ling: The Emergence of Modern Lang Science Vols 1 & 2
    2) From:     Paul Peranteau <paul at>
       Subject:  Handbook of Perceptual Dialectology, D. Preston

  10.1713, All: Linguistic Lists Archived on LINGUIST

    1) From:     linguist at (The LINGUIST List)
       Subject:  Linguistic Lists Archived on LINGUIST Site

  10.1714, Jobs: Teaching English as a Foreign Language

    1) From:     Nelson Bank <bankn at>
       Subject:  EFL - Teacher at Guanghua Schools, Hubei China
    2) From:     Karen Kingsbury <flld at>
       Subject:  EFL - Professor; Associate Professor; Assistant Professor;

  10.1715, Calls: Kansas Working Papers, North American Phonology

    1) From:     Jennifer Ludlow <lgsa at>
       Subject:  Kansas Working Papers in Linguistics
    2) From:     Charles Reiss <reiss at>
       Subject:  NAPhC Second (Revised) Call for Papers

  10.1716, Calls: Engineering of Intelligent Systems

    1) From:     pascal at
       Subject:  Engineering of Intelligent Systems - U of Paisley, Scotland, U.K.

  10.1717, Qs: Russian anaphora, Noun Classification

    1) From:     "Roberta D'Alessandro" <robertadal at>
       Subject:  Russian anaphora
    2) From:     Matt Shomphe <shomphe at>
       Subject:  Noun Classification

  10.1718, Jobs: TESOL, EFL/Linguistics

    1) From:     Graham Thurgood <gthurgood at>
       Subject:  TESOL: - Tenure-Track/ California State U, USA
    2) From:     funaki at (Michio FUNAKI)
       Subject:  EFL/Linguistics: Teaching/ Shizuoka Univ, Japan

  10.1719, Confs: Computational Ling: CLIN99 - Netherlands

    1) From:     CLIN 99 mail account Paola Monachesi <clin99 at>
       Subject:  Comp Ling: CLIN99 - Program & Registration/ Netherlands

  10.1720, Qs: Phonetics/Ejectives, Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis

    1) From:     Johannes Reese <reesej at>
       Subject:  Phonetics/ Ejectives vs. Laryngealization
    2) From:     "Selcuk Basak" <selcukbasak at>
       Subject:  Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis

  10.1721, Books: Prague Functionalism

    1) From:     Paul Peranteau <paul at>
       Subject:  Prague Functionalism

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