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  10.1745, Calls: Diachronic Generative Syntax, Lg Resources

    1) From:     Acrisio Pires <pires at>
    2) From:     Jeff ALLEN <jeff at>
       Subject:  CONF: reminder LREC-2000

  10.1746, Qs: Contour segments, Cognitive science in France

    1) From:     panning at
       Subject:  Contour segments
    2) From:     "Marie K. Siffermann" <mariesiffermann at>
       Subject:  Cognitive Science in France

  10.1747, Qs: Homography,ESL Teaching Tapes, LF-PF Mapping

    1) From:     Mahmoud Kassaei <mk at CoLi.Uni-SB.DE>
       Subject:  Homography
    2) From:     "Elizabeth Winkler" <Winkler_Elizabeth at>
       Subject:  ESL/EFL teaching tapes
    3) From:     Lotfi at
       Subject:  LF-PF mapping

  10.1748, Jobs: Applied Ling, Computers & Ling

    1) From:     Robert Hausmann <linguist at>
       Subject:  Applied Linguistics: Assistant Professor (tenure-track) at The University of Montana, Montana USA
    2) From:     John Ohala <ohala at>
       Subject:  Computers & Ling-Programmer/Analyst at University of California, Berkeley

  10.1749, Confs: Computers&Ling-Linguistic Exploration Workshop

    1) From:     Steven Bird <sb at>
       Subject:  Computers & Ling-Linguistic Exploration Workshop

  10.1750, Confs: Explanation in Linguistic Theory

    1) From:     Maria Polinsky <polinsky at>
       Subject:  Explanation in Linguistic Theory

  10.1751, FYI: ESL Jobs Page, Netherlands Grad School of Ling

    1) From:      "jay green" <bluejay321 at>
       Subject:  New ESL Jobs page
    2) From:     LOT <lot at>
       Subject:  Netherlands Graduate School of Linguistics: Winterschool 2000   program

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