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  10.1766, Calls: Semantics/Pragmatics, Computational Ling

    1) From:     Massimo Poesio <gotalog at>
       Subject:  Semantics/Pragmatics-Gotalog 2000
    2) From:     Khalid CHOUKRI <choukri at>
       Subject:  Computational Ling: LREC 2000 (EXTENDED DEADLINE)

  10.1767, Qs: Phonetics & Internet,IPA Handbook on French

    1) From:     WEN-CHAO LI <wenchao at>
       Subject:  Phonetic transparency and CMC
    2) From:     Neil Coffey <neil at>
       Subject:  French section of the Handbook of the IPA

  10.1768, Calls: Comp Ling: ALLC/ACH, Italian Ling: SILFI

    1) From:     Elisabeth Burr <he229bu at>
       Subject:  Comp Ling: ALLC/ACH 2000 deadline extended
    2) From:     Elisabeth Burr <he229bu at>
       Subject:  Italian Ling & Philology: SILFI 2000

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