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  10.1787, Sum: Code-switching Issue 10.1759

    1) From:     Sophie ALBY <alby at>
       Subject:  Code-switching - matrix language

  10.1788, Qs: Numerals/Nouns, K'ichee'(Quiche) speaker needed

    1) From:     "Ursula Doleschal" <ursula.doleschal at>
       Subject:  Numerals vs. nouns again
    2) From:     "Seth A. Minkoff" <minkoff at>
       Subject:  K'ichee' (Quiche) speaker needed

  10.1789, Calls: Lang Variation:ICLaVE, Chinese Ling:IsCLL-7

    1) From:     unitat.variacio at
       Subject:  Language Variation:ICLaVE I
    2) From:     "James T. Myers" <lngmyers at>
       Subject:  Chinese Language & Linguistics: IsCLL-7

  10.1790, Jobs: Psycho/NeuroLing./Montreal,CompuLing./Stockholm

    1) From:     Helene Kaufman <kaufmanh at>
       Subject:  Post-doctoral fellowship in Montreal
    2) From:     Jan Anward <jan at>
       Subject:  Computational Linguistics: Lecturer at Stockholm University,
         Stockholm Sweden

  10.1791, Disc: Issue: 10.1785/ What Exactly Are Allophones?

    1) From:     Francisco Dubert <fgdubert at>
       Subject:  Original Issue # 10.1785/ What exactly are allophones?

  10.1792, Jobs: French/Specific Purpose, Foreign Lang Education

    1) From:     Fred Davidson <fgd at>
       Subject:  French for Specific Purposes: Asst Prof/ U of Illinois, USA
    2) From:     Felice Coles <fcoles at>
       Subject:  Foreign Lang Education: Asst/Associate Prof/ U of Mississippi, USA

  10.1793, TOC: British Columbia WP in Linguistics, Vol 2

    1) From:     Suzanne Gessner <gessner at>
       Subject:  American Indian Ling: Proceedings of WSCLA 4

  10.1794, Jobs: Computational/Psycho/Socio Ling, ESL

    1) From:     <ychsiao at>
       Subject:  Computational/Psycho/Socio Ling: National Chengchi Univ.
    2) From:     Tomeka White <t-white1 at>
       Subject:  ESL: Revised announcement for a Lecturer at Northwestern U.

  10.1795, Books: Philosophy of Language

    1) From:     kap-listman at
       Subject:  Knowledge, Language and Logic: Quine, A. Orenstein & P. Kotatko (eds)

  10.1796, Jobs: Korean Computational Ling, Spanish Lang

    1) From:     Jee Eun Kim <jeeeunk at>
       Subject:  Korean Computational Linguistics: NLP Group in Microsoft Korea
    2) From:     "Dr. Claudette Williams" <modlang at>
       Subject:  Spanish Language: Lecturer at Univ of the West Indies, Jamaica

  10.1797, Confs: Comp/Quantitative Ling: CIMQL 2000

    1) From:     "Fiona J. Tweedie" <fiona at>
       Subject:  Computational/Quantitative Ling: CIMQL 2000

  10.1798, Calls: Natural Lang Generation, Computational Ling

    1) From:     "Dragomir R. Radev" <radev at>
       Subject:  Natural Lang Generation: INLG'2000
    2) From:     achim at (Achim Hoffmann)
       Subject:  Computational Ling: PRICAI2000 in Melbourne, Australia

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