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  10.1804, Sum: for Query:10.1662, Interlanguage Pragmatics

    1) From:     zheng98 at
       Subject:  for Query:10.1662, Interlanguage Pragmatics(Transfer)

  10.1805, Qs: Phoneme Confusion Matrices, Time and Gender

    1) From:     Bob McMurray <mcmurray at>
       Subject:  Phoneme confusion matrices
    2) From:     "Meghan P.L. McKinnie" <mckinnie at>
       Subject:  Time and Gender

  10.1806, Jobs: Applied Ling, ESL

    1) From:     "Susan Foster-Cohen" <fosterco at>
       Subject:  Applied Ling:Lecturship at the British Institute in Paris
    2) From:     Jakob Dempsey <jakob at>
       Subject:  ESL:Associate,Assistant, and Full Professor at Yuan-Ze University,R.O.C.

  10.1807, Calls: Chamito-semitic Lang, Second Lang Research

    1) From:     Moha Ennaji <estry at>
       Subject:  Chamito-semitic conference
    2) From:     Xenia Bonch-Bruevich <xbonchbr at>
       Subject:  Second Language Research Forum 2000 (SLRF 2000)

  10.1808, Calls: Multimodal Info, Anaphora/Ellipsis (Correction)

    1) From:     root <root at>
       Subject:  Multimodal Information
    2) From:     Ruslan Mitkov <R.Mitkov at>
       Subject:  Special Issue of Computational Linguistics: Anaphora and Ellipsis Resolution (Correction)

  10.1809, All: This week's LINGUIST Notice Board

    1) From:     Linguist Notice Board <linguist at>
       Subject:  This week's LINGUIST Notice Board

  10.1810, Confs: 12th Amsterdam Colloquium/AC 99

    1) From:     Twelfth Amsterdam Colloquium <ac99 at>
       Subject:  Program of the 12-th Amsterdam Colloquium

  10.1811, Disc: Re: Issue 10.1778 What exactly are allophones?

    1) From:     Jorge Guitart <guitart at>
       Subject:  what are allophones?

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