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  11.1469, Calls: Global Collaboration, Prosody/Production (DGfS)

    1) From:     Priscilla Rasmussen <rasmusse at>
       Subject:  ACL'2000: Infrastructures for Global Collaboration Workshop
    2) From:     Joerg Mayer <Joerg.Mayer at>
       Subject:  Prosody - Production and Perception

  11.1470, Calls: Software Maintenance, Chinese Lang Processing

    1) From:     Miguel Goulão <miguel.goulao at>
       Subject:  Software Maintenance and Reengineering (CSMR 2001)
    2) From:     Priscilla Rasmussen <rasmusse at>
       Subject:  ACL'2000: 2nd Chinese Language Processing Workshop

  11.1471, Calls: Asian Digital Library, Coordination Models

    1) From:     Secretariat of ICADL2000 <info at>
       Subject:  [ICADL2000] 3rd International Conference of Asian Digital Library
    2) From:     Andrea Omicini <aomicini at>
       Subject:  COORDINATION 2000  - Coordination Models and Languages

  11.1472, Calls: Ontologies and Texts, Predicative Constructions

    1) From:     Pierre Zweigenbaum <pz at>
       Subject:  Ontologies and Texts (EKAW'2000 workshop)
    2) From:     "Workshop on Predication" <wopc2000 at>
       Subject:  Predicative Constructions - WOPC2000

  11.1473, Calls: Linguistic Typology, Sinn und Bedeutung V

    1) From:     Johan van der Auwera <auwera at>
       Subject:  Association for Linguistic Typology (ALT IV)
    2) From:     Paul Dekker <dekker at>
       Subject:  Sinn und Bedeutung V, December 2000, Amsterdam

  11.1474, Calls: PLUM Proceedings, Language & the Media

    1) From:     "Katrin Hiietam" <katrinhiietam at>
       Subject:  PLUM Proceedings-Papers in Linguistics of the University of Manchester
    2) From:     Diana Lewis <dmlewis at>
       Subject:  Language, the Media and International Communication

  11.1475, Calls: Adjacency/GLOW 2001, Cognitive Science/ICCS2001

    1) From:     "Joao Costa" <jcosta at>
       Subject:  Adjacency (GLOW 2001)
    2) From:     HASIDA Koiti <hasida at>
       Subject:  Cognitive Science (ICCS2001)

  11.1476, Confs: Prehistory of Australia (ARCLING II)

    1) From:     Patrick McConvell <patrick at>
       Subject:  Prehistory of Australia (ARCLING II)

  11.1477, Confs: Semantic Annotation/Intelligent Content/COLING

    1) From:     Paul Buitelaar <paulb at>
       Subject:  COLING Workshop "Semantic Annotation and Intelligent Content"

  11.1478, Qs: Dictionary Writing Software, Free Adjuncts/Eng

    1) From:     Thapelo Otlogetswe <thaps at>
       Subject:  Dictionary writing software
    2) From:     "[Jose M. García-Miguel" <gallego at>
       Subject:  Free adjuncts, absolutes in English

  11.1479, Jobs: Translator, Crestec Amsterdam B.V.

    1) From:     A.Kroeders <a.kroeders at>
       Subject:  German & French Translator for Crestec Amsterdam B.V., The Netherlands

  11.1480, Jobs: Applied Ling Assist Lecturer, U of Bonn Germany

    1) From:     Anne Barron <a.barron at>
       Subject:  Applied Linguistics: Assistant Lecturer at U of Bonn, Germany

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