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  11.1543, Jobs: NLP Programmer, MindfulEye.Com Systems Inc.

    1) From:     Ashley Webster <hr at>
       Subject:  NLP: Programmer, MindfulEye.Com Systems Inc., British Columbia Canada

  11.1544, Jobs: Speech,Hearing,Sensory Communication Postdoc

    1) From:     Darla Sallee <dsallee at>
       Subject:  Speech,Hearing,Sensory Communication: Postdoc at Indiana Univ, USA

  11.1545, Jobs: Computational Linguist, COREintellect Texas

    1) From:     Michael Seeley <mseeley at>
       Subject:  Computational Linguist at COREintellect, Texas USA

  11.1546, Jobs: Spanish/Hispanic Ling,Michigan State University

    1) From:     Patricia Lunn <lunn at>
       Subject:  Spanish/Hispanic Ling: Instructor/Professor at Michigan State Univ USA

  11.1547, Confs: Subtropical Summer Syntax Workshop

    1) From:             Stanley Dubinsky <DUBINSK at VM.SC.EDU>
       Subject:       Subtropical Summer Syntax Workshop

  11.1548, Confs: Fifth TELRI Seminar/Corpus Linguistics

    1) From:     Milena Slavcheva <slavchev at>
       Subject:  Fifth TELRI Seminar/Corpus Linguistics

  11.1549, Confs: Optimal Interpretations of Words & Constituents

    1) From:     Helen de Hoop <Helen.deHoop at>
       Subject:  Optimal Interpretations of Words and Constituents

  11.1550, Jobs: TEFL/TESOL: associate prof, Kyushu University

    1) From:     Professor Kazuaki Ota <kazu at>
       Subject:  TEFL/TESOL: associate professor, Kyushu University, Fukuoka Japan

  11.1551, Jobs: German lexicon manager: LexiQuest, Montreuil

    1) From:     Antoine Ogonowski <Antoine.Ogonowski at>
       Subject:  German lexicon manager: LexiQuest, Montreuil

  11.1552, Qs: Italian Spelling Reform, Field Equipment

    1) From:     Patricia M Godfrey <pmgodfrey at>
       Subject:  Mooted Italian spelling reform
    2) From:     "Dr. MJ Hardman" <hardman at>
       Subject:  Field Equipment

  11.1553, Qs: Minimal Pairs, Int'l Business Communication

    1) From:     "Scobbie, Jim" <JScobbie at>
       Subject:  Disc: Homophony and minimal pair counts cross-linguistically
    2) From:     JUAN ANTONIO PENA <jpena1 at>
       Subject:  Cross cultural business communication

  11.1554, Qs: LexcaList Disc List, Pedagogy/English in China

    1) From:     Zylogy at
       Subject:  LexicaList discussion list
    2) From:     "guili sun" <guili_sun at>
       Subject:  English teaching methodology

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