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  11.1234, Qs: Spoken Language Examples at Web Sites

    1) From:     Amy L Sheldon <asheldon at>
       Subject:  looking for spoken language at web sites: codeswitching, registershifting, dlalects, etc.

  11.1235, Books: General Theoretical Linguistics, Semantics

    1) From:     Kim Lewis Brown <kim at csli.Stanford.EDU>
       Subject:  Theoretical Ling: Usage-Based Models of Language, M. Barlow & S. Kemmer
    2) From:     Kim Lewis Brown <kim at csli.Stanford.EDU>
       Subject:  Semantics: The Ontology of Language, C. Fox

  11.1236, Books: Cognitive Grammar, General Theoretical Ling

    1) From:     Kim Lewis Brown <kim at csli.Stanford.EDU>
       Subject:  Cognitive Grammar: Parameters of Slavic Aspect, S. Dickey
    2) From:     Kim Lewis Brown <kim at csli.Stanford.EDU>
       Subject:  General Theoretical Ling: Strong Generative Capacity, P. Miller

  11.1237, TOC: Linguistics and Philosophy

    1) From:     kap-listman at
       Subject:  Linguistics and Philosophy. Vol. 23, Issue 4

  11.1238, TOC: English Language and Linguistics

    1) From:     Jillian Davies <jdavies at>
       Subject:  English Language and Linguistics, Volume 4, Issue 1

  11.1239, FYI: New Journal, NSF Grants, Conf List Update

    1) From:     Margaret Magnus <mmagnus at>
       Subject:  LIA
    2) From:     "Catherine N. Ball" <cball at>
       Subject:  NSF: Dissertation research grants, CAREER, and other funding opps.
    3) From:     Peter White <peterw at>
       Subject:  Latest conference list

  11.1240, Qs: -ee Suffix in English

    1) From:     Anja Wanner <awanner at>
       Subject:  question: -ee suffix in English

  11.1241, Jobs: NLP Researcher/Programmer, U of Pittsburgh

    1) From:     Pamela Jordan <jordan at>
       Subject:  NLP: AI Researcher/Programmer at University of Pittsburgh

  11.1242, Jobs: Psycholing Researcher, Philipps-Universitaet

    1) From:     Prof.Richard Wiese <wiese at>
       Subject:  Psycholing: Research Associate at Philipps-Universitaet Marburg,
         Hesse Germany

  11.1243, Jobs: Sanskrit/Indo-European Ling, U of London

    1) From:     Richard Janko <uclcrij at>
       Subject:  Sanskrit/Comparative Indo-European Ling Lectureship at U of London

  11.1244, Jobs: Chinese/Japanese Lecturers, U of Canterbury

    1) From:     Liz Velde <L.Velde at>
       Subject:  Chinese/Japanese Lecturers at U of Canterbury, New Zealand

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