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  11.1294, Calls: Topic & focus/Romance Lang, Computational Logic

    1) From:     Sergio Baauw <sergio.baauw at>
       Subject:  Topic & focus in Romance Languages
    2) From:     "F. van Raamsdonk" <femke at>
       Subject:  First International Conference on Computational Logic (CL2000)

  11.1295, Calls: Optimal Interpretations, Coordination Models

    1) From:     Helen de Hoop <Helen.deHoop at> (by way of Helen de Hoop       <Helen.deHoop at>)
       Subject:  Optimal Interpretations of Words and Constituents
    2) From:     Andrea Omicini <aomicini at>
       Subject:  Coordination Models, Languages and Applications (ACM SAC 2001)

  11.1296, Calls: South Slavic/Balkan Ling, Philological Society

    1) From:     Brian Joseph <bjoseph at>
       Subject:  The Kenneth E. Naylor Young Scholar's Prize in South Slavic/Balkan Linguistics
    2) From:     Kersti Börjars <k.borjars at>
       Subject:  The Philological Society Prize

  11.1297, All: This week's LINGUIST Notice Board

    1) From:     Linguist Notice Board <linguist at>
       Subject:  This week's LINGUIST Notice Board

  11.1298, Qs: Color Metaphors, Arabic Spoken Corpus

    1) From:     Gill Philip <philip at>
       Subject:  colour metaphors
    2) From:     "Sameh Al-ansary" <s.alansary at>
       Subject:  Arabic Spoken Corpus

  11.1299, Calls: FoLLI Dissertation Award, Theory of Diagrams

    1) From:     Christof Monz <christof at>
       Subject:  FoLLI Dissertation Award - extended deadline
    2) From:     Bernd Meyer <meyer at>
       Subject:  Theory and Application of Diagrams (DIAGRAMS 2000)

  11.1300, Books: Sociolinguistics

    1) From:     Laura Driussi <laura.driussi at>
       Subject:  Socioling: The Language War, Robin Tolmach Lakoff

  11.1301, Jobs: Semantics Tenure-track, Northwestern University

    1) From:     Gregory Ward <ward at>
       Subject:  Semantics: Tenure-track Position at Northwestern Univ, Illinois USA

  11.1302, Jobs: Comp Ling NL Project Manager, BCL Computers

    1) From:     Hassan Alam <nljobs at>
       Subject:  Comp Ling: NL Project Manager at BCL Computers, California USA

  11.1303, Jobs: Issue # 11.673 (Modified), InGenuity Systems

    1) From:     "Wu, Cindy" <cwu at>
       Subject:  Issue # 11.673 (Modified), InGenuity Systems California USA

  11.1304, FYI: Workshop:Paths and Telicity in Event Structure

    1) From:     Hana Filip <filip at>
       Subject:  Paths and Telicity in Event Structure (ESSLLI Workshop)

  11.1305, Qs: Thetic/Categorical Sentences, Wh-Interrogatives

    1) From:     Johannes Reese <reesej at>
       Subject:  Argument for keeping apart thetic and categorial utterance
    2) From:     "Carsten Breul" <carsten.breul at>
       Subject:  Rizzi's account of wh-interrogatives

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