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  11.1317, Review: Oller: The Emergence of the speech capacity

    1) From:     Madalena Cruz-Ferreira <mcf at>
       Subject:  Book review

  11.1318, Review: Cormack: Definitions

    1) From:     Heidi Harley <hharley at U.Arizona.EDU>
       Subject:  Cormack review

  11.1319, Books: Philosophy of Language

    1) From:     <peter.simmons at>
       Subject:  Philosophy of Lang: Philosophy for Linguists, S. Chapman

  11.1320, TOC: Neophilologus, Vol 84, Issue 3

    1) From:     kap-listman at
       Subject:  Neophilologus. Vol. 84, Issue 3

  11.1321, TOC: J of Multilingual & Multicultural Development

    1) From:     Kathryn King <kathryn at>
       Subject:  Journal of Multilingual & Multicultural Development, Vol 21 No 1, 2000

  11.1322, TOC: Current Issues in Language & Society

    1) From:     Kathryn King <kathryn at>
       Subject:  Current Issues in Language & Society Vol 6 No 2 1999

  11.1323, FYI: Website - Conf/ALSIC, LSA Bulletin - June 2000

    1) From:     Revue Alsic <alsic at>
       Subject:  Website - text of speeches from a conf - ALSIC
    2) From:     LSA <lsa at>
       Subject:  June 2000 LSA Bulletin

  11.1324, Jobs: NLP, iBuoy New York

    1) From:     Brian Gilhuly <brian at>
       Subject:  NLP: CTO at iBuoy, New York USA

  11.1325, Jobs: Linguist, Teragram Corporation Massachusetts

    1) From:     Amanda Nigro <info at>
       Subject:  Linguist at Teragram Corporation, Massachusetts USA

  11.1326, Jobs: Anaphora Post Doc, Utrecht Univ The Netherlands

    1) From:     LOT <lot at>
       Subject:  Anaphora: Post Doc at Utrecht University, The Netherlands

  11.1327, Jobs: Computational Linguist, Rhode Island

    1) From:     Elli Freihofer <efJobs at>
       Subject:  Computational Linguist, Rhode Island

  11.1328, Calls: Evolution of Lang, Logic/Language/Information

    1) From:     Paul Vogt <paul at>
       Subject:  Workshop on the Evolution of Language
    2) From:     Marcus Kracht <kracht at>
       Subject:  Summer School/Logic, Language and Information (XIII. ESSLLI 2001)

  11.1329, Confs: 7th International Pragmatics Conference

    1) From:     "Jef Verschueren" <versch at>
       Subject:  7th International Pragmatics Conference

  11.1330, Confs: Tabulation in Parsing and Deduction (TAPD 2000)

    1) From:     "Miguel A. Alonso Pardo" <alonso at>
       Subject:  2nd Workshop on Tabulation in Parsing and Deduction (TAPD 2000)

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