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  11.1403, Support: Irish Phonology/Speech Synthesis

    1) From:     Fred Cummins <fred.cummins at>
       Subject:  Irish Phonology/Speech Synthesis - Research/  Dublin, Ireland

  11.1404, FYI: Mailing List/Belarusian Ling, Ling in Ecommerce

    1) From:     Mikola Ramanouski <miram at>
       Subject:  New Mailing List - Belarusian Linguistics
    2) From:     Kent Clizbe <kent at>
       Subject:  Wall St Journal Article on Linguists in Ecommerce

  11.1405, Qs: Native Am Lang/Films, Sp Patterns/Stalkers

    1) From:     HMooney at
       Subject:  Films in Native American Languages
    2) From:     Peggy Cwiakala <pcwiakala at>Subject: fwd
       Subject:  Speech patterns of stalkers

  11.1406, Calls: Advances NLP/IR, Word Sense Disambiguation

    1) From:     Priscilla Rasmussen <rasmusse at>
       Subject:  Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing (ACL'2000)
    2) From:     Priscilla Rasmussen <rasmusse at>
       Subject:  Evaluating Word Sense Disambiguation Systems (SENSEVAL-2)

  11.1407, Jobs: Lexicography: Amikai, San Francisco, California

    1) From:     Pria Hidisyan <jobs at>
       Subject:  Lexicography: Amikai, San Francisco, California USA

  11.1408, Jobs: EFL education: Kansai University, Osaka Japan

    1) From:     KUROIWA at, Michio <gaiji at>
       Subject:  EFL education: Full professor, associate professor, or instructor/lecturer, Kansai University, Osaka Japan

  11.1409, All: This week's LINGUIST Notice Board

    1) From:     Linguist Notice Board <linguist at>
       Subject:  This week's LINGUIST Notice Board

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