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  11.1416, Jobs: ESL Teacher, Philadelphia

    1) From:     "Dorine S. Houston" <dshouston at>
       Subject:  ESL Teacher, Philadelphia USA

  11.1417, Calls: Postgrad/Semantics, Eurospeech/Scandinavia

    1) From:     Malvina Nissim <malvina at>
       Subject:  Postgraduate Conference on Semantics
    2) From:     Wim van Dommelen <wim.van.dommelen at>
       Subject:  7th European Conference on Speech Communication and Technology (EUROSPEECH 2001 - SCANDINAVIA)

  11.1418, Calls: Text Summmarization, Information Structure

    1) From:     Dragomir Radev <radev at>
       Subject:  Special issue of Computational Linguistics on Text Summmarization
    2) From:     Kerstin Schwabe <schwabe at>
       Subject:  Information structure/Referential Status of Linguistic Expressions

  11.1419, Confs: Amazon Lang/Descriptive & Comparative Aspects

    1) From:     marilia lopes da costa faco soares <marilia at>
       Subject:  Symposium: "Languages in the Amazon and its Neighbouring Areas: Descriptive and Comparative Aspects"

  11.1420, Jobs: Linguist/phonetician: Consultant at NetByTel

    1) From:     David Horowitz <dhorowitz at>
       Subject:  Linguist/phonetician: Consultant/Competitive Pay at NetByTel (, Florida USA

  11.1421, Qs: Distance Learning Intro to Ling Course

    1) From:     "William J. Crawford" <wcrawfor at>
       Subject:  Searching for distance learning introduction to ling course

  11.1422, Jobs: Experimental Phonetics Prof, Cornell University

    1) From:     Abby Cohn <acc4 at>
       Subject:  Experimental Phonetics: Asst. Prof at Cornell University, New York USA

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