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  11.1430, Calls: Preverbs, Ontologies/Lexical Knowledge Bases

    1) From:     "Ans van Kemenade" <a.v.kemenade at>
       Subject:  Workshop on Preverbs at Nijmegen (Netherlands)
    2) From:     "Kiril Simov" <kivs at>
       Subject:  Workshop on Ontologies and Lexical Knowledge Bases (OntoLex'2000)

  11.1431, Calls: SIGDIAL/Discourse/Dialogue, SIGDAT/NLP/Corpora

    1) From:     hasida at
       Subject:  SIGDIAL Workshop on Discourse and Dialogue
    2) From:     Priscilla Rasmussen <rasmusse at>
       Subject:  Empirical Methods in NLP & Very Large Corpora (ACL'2000 EMNLP/VLC)

  11.1432, Calls: Elite Bilingualism, Human-Computer Interaction

    1) From:     "Daller, Helmut" <Helmut.Daller at>
       Subject:  Colloquium on Elite Bilingualism and Middle Class Mobility
    2) From:     "Judy" <judy at>
       Subject:  Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (OZCHI 2000)

  11.1433, Confs: IMPACTS/NLG Between Technology and Applications

    1) From:     Tilman Becker <becker at>
       Subject:  IMPACTS - NLG Between Technology and Applications

  11.1434, Confs: Speech & Technology: GLDV2001/Giessen, Germany

    1) From:     "Henning Lobin" <Henning.Lobin at>
       Subject:  Speech and Technology (GLDV2001)  Giessen, Germany

  11.1435, Jobs: Phonetics Laboratory Postdoc, U/Witwatersrand

    1) From:     "Simon Donnelly" <104simon at>
       Subject:  Phonetics Laboratory Postdoctorate 2000/2001, University of the Witwatersrand

  11.1436, Jobs: Agreement Project, University of Surrey

    1) From:     Dunstan Brown <d.brown at>
       Subject:  Agreement Project, University of Surrey

  11.1437, Jobs: Ling/Cognitive Science: Toulouse-Le Mirail

    1) From:     NESPOULOUS at, Jean-Luc <nespoulo at>
       Subject:  Ling/Cognitive Science: Toulouse-Le Mirail, Haute-Garonne France

  11.1438, Jobs: English/Japanese Prof, Int'l Christian Univ

    1) From:     Peter McCagg <mccagg at>
       Subject:  English Lang: Assist Prof at International Christian Univ, Tokyo Japan
    2) From:     Peter McCagg <mccagg at>
       Subject:  Japanese Lang: Assist/Associate Prof at International Christian Univ

  11.1439, Confs: Cognitive Science Society Conference/COGSCI2000

    1) From:     Ann Bies <bies at>
       Subject:  Cognitive Science Society Conference (COGSCI2000)

  11.1440, Confs: Efficiency in Parsing Systems (Coling 2000)

    1) From:     John Carroll <johnca at>
       Subject:  Efficiency in Large-Scale Parsing Systems (Coling 2000)

  11.1441, Confs: Self Organizing Multi-Agent Systems Workshop

    1) From:     "Robert E. Smith" <robert.smith at>
       Subject:  Self Organizing Multi-Agent Systems Workshop

  11.1442, Qs: Reader's Digest & Time, Text Analysis Software

    1) From:     "truename" <erine at>
       Subject:  related material about READER'S DIGEST and TIME
    2) From:     "Heba Aboul-Enein" <haboulenein at>
       Subject:  text analysis software

  11.1443, Qs: Disc Analysis/On-line Talk, SVO/Wh-movement

    1) From:     "Brian Drayton" <brian_drayton at>
       Subject:  Discourse analysis of on-line dialogues
    2) From:     Kristin Denham <denham at>
       Subject:  SVO and wh-movement

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