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  11.1864, Confs: NELS 31/North East Ling Society/Revised Program

    1) From:     Miok Debby Pak <pakm at>
       Subject:  North East Linguistics Society 31 Revised Program

  11.1865, Sum: Expressions for 'Language'

    1) From:     "Günter Radden" <fs2a501 at>
       Subject:  Expressions for 'Language'

  11.1866, Qs: MA w/ No-Thesis Option,Nuer-English Dictionary

    1) From:             Stanley Dubinsky <DUBINSK at VM.SC.EDU>
       Subject:       MA in Linguistics with no-thesis option
    2) From:     Joyce Neu <jneu at>
       Subject:  Request for Nuer-English Dictionary

  11.1867, Qs: Help w/ "Hieroglyphics",Ling Analysis of Film

    1) From:     Natalie Schilling-Estes <ns3 at>
       Subject:  "Hieroglyphics" Translation/Language Identification
    2) From:     Claudia Bubel <c.bubel at>
       Subject:  Linguistic Analysis of Film Dialogue

  11.1868, Qs: Codeswitching data, Word Order

    1) From:     "Silvia" <smilian at>
       Subject:  Codeswitching data
    2) From:     "Gert Young" <ANCIENT6 at AKAD.SUN.AC.ZA>
       Subject:  Word Order in Non-Configurational Languages

  11.1869, FYI: List of Phonetics URLs Part 2

    1) From:     karchung <karchung at>
       Subject:  Phonetics URLs (2)

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