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  11.1878, Confs: Word Senses & MultiLinguality/Program

    1) From:     "Nancy M. Ide" <ide at>
       Subject:  SIGLEX Workshop/Word Senses & MultiLinguality/Program

  11.1879, Qs: Phrasal Quantification, Deletion/Epenthesis

    1) From:     Torodd Kinn <torodd.kinn at>
       Subject:  Phrasal quantification
    2) From:     Claire Bowern <bowern at>
       Subject:  Linguist seeking Language ...

  11.1880, Qs: "Be" Omission/Newscasts, Correction Re:Scarab

    1) From:     cschutze at MIT.EDU (Carson T Schutze)
       Subject:  'be' omission in (American?) English newscaster-speak
    2) From:     Natalie Schilling-Estes <ns3 at>
       Subject:  correction re: scarab (issue 11.1867)

  11.1881, Calls: Lang/Media/Communication, Encyclopedia of Ling

    1) From:     Diana Lewis <dmlewis at>
       Subject:  Language, the Media and International Communication
    2) From:     "Christy Prahl" <cprahl at>
       Subject:  Call for Contributors: Fitzroy Dearborn Encyclopedia of Linguistics

  11.1882, Calls: Dialogue Analysis, English Studies

    1) From:     Annelie Ädel <annelie.adel at>
       Subject:  I.A.D.A. 2001- Recent Trends in Dialogue Analysis
    2) From:     Annelie Ädel <annelie.adel at>
       Subject:  8th Nordic Conference for English Studies

  11.1883, Calls: Neurological Basis/lang, Intraclausal Semantics

    1) From:     "J.C.J. Hoeks" <J.C.J.Hoeks at>
       Subject:  The Neurological Basis of Language Conference
    2) From:     "Andrea Sanso'" <sanso at>
       Subject:  Postgraduate Conference in Inter- and Intraclausal Semantics

  11.1884, Calls: Romance Linguistics, Topic & Focus

    1) From:     Sergio Baauw <sergio.baauw at>
       Subject:  Fourteenth Symposium on Romance Linguistics
    2) From:     Sergio Baauw <sergio.baauw at>
       Subject:  Topic & focus

  11.1885, Calls: Bilingualism, Arabic Linguistics

    1) From:     "Treffers-Daller, Jeanine" <Jeanine.Treffers-Daller at>
       Subject:  3rd International Symposium on Bilingualism
    2) From:     Samira Farwaneh <s.farwaneh at>
       Subject:  Arabic Linguistics Symposium

  11.1886, Calls: Business Communication, Elite Bilingualism

    1) From:     "Daller, Helmut" <Helmut.Daller at>
       Subject:  Colloquium on Intercultural Business Communication Research
    2) From:     "Daller, Helmut" <Helmut.Daller at>
       Subject:  Colloquium on Elite Bilingualism  Contemporary Middle Class Mobility in Europe

  11.1887, Calls: Natural Lang Data, Computational Linguistics

    1) From:     Vincenzo Pallotta <Vincenzo.Pallotta at>
       Subject:  Robust Methods for Analysis of Natural Lang Data  (ROMAND2000)
    2) From:     "Grigori Sidorov" <sidorov at>
       Subject:  Intelligent Text Processing and Computational Ling (CICLing-2001)

  11.1888, Qs: "4U"-Type Constructions, Redundancy/Ambiguity

    1) From:     Lorenz Hofer <Lorenz.Hofer at>
       Subject:  Term for expressions like "4U" and alike
    2) From:     HMooney at
       Subject:  degrees of redundancy/ambiguity/comprehensibility

  11.1889, Jobs: Comp Ling Research Staff, IBM New York

    1) From:     Yael Ravin <ravin at>
       Subject:  Computational Linguist: Research Staff Member at IBM, New York

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