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  11.1932, Disc: Linguisics & Nominalising Languages

    1) From:     Kenneth Allen Hyde <kenny at UDel.Edu>
       Subject:  Re: 11.1929, Disc: Linguistics & Nominalising Languages

  11.1933, Qs: Lang/Gender & Novelists, Phonetics CDs/RP Eng

    1) From:     livia at (anna livia)
       Subject:  language and the gender of novelists
    2) From:     Amalia Arvaniti <amalia at>
       Subject:  CDs on Phonetics

  11.1934, Calls: Malay/Indonesian Ling, Georgetown U Round Table

    1) From:     David Gil <gil at>
       Subject:  Malay/Indonesian Linguistics, Jerusalem
    2) From:     Ai-Hui Tan <tana1 at>
       Subject:  GURT 2001: Georgetown University Round Table on Languages and Linguistics

  11.1935, Calls: Chinese Linguistics, Multimedia/French Studies

    1) From:     International Assn of Chinese Linguistics - 10 <iaclten at>
       Subject:  Chinese Linguistics (IACL-10 & NACCL-13)
    2) From:     Rejean Canac-Marquis <rcanacma at>
       Subject:  Multimedia and French Studies

  11.1936, Jobs: NLE: Language Engineers, Durham, England

    1) From:     Linda Page <L.C.Page at>
       Subject:  NLE: Language Engineers, Cathedral City of Durham, England

  11.1937, Jobs: Semantics Assist.Prof., U of Texas at Austin

    1) From:     Tony Woodbury <acw at>
       Subject:  Semantics: Assist.Prof. at the University of Texas at Austin USA

  11.1938, Jobs: German SLA Assistant Prof/Georgetown University

    1) From:     Cristina Sanz <sanzc at>
       Subject:  German SLA Assistant Prof, Georgetown University

  11.1939, Jobs: Translation: WordStream, MA USA

    1) From:     Steven Snyder <info at>
       Subject:  Translation: WordStream, MA USA

  11.1940, Jobs: Lexicon/Syntax - Lang Contact, Areal Ling

    1) From:     "M. Klamer" <m.klamer at>
       Subject:  Language contact in Balkan, Suriname/Benin, Eastern Indonesia,          Bolivia/Rondonia
    2) From:     "M. Klamer" <m.klamer at>
       Subject:  PhD Positions Areal linguistics

  11.1941, Calls: Spanish/Portuguese, Human Sentence Processing

    1) From:     Silvina Montrul <montrul at>
       Subject:  Acquisition of Spanish and Portuguese as First and Second Languages
    2) From:     Ann Bies <bies at>
       Subject:  Human Sentence Processing: CUNY 2001

  11.1942, Review: Baker: A Parent's guide to Bilingualism

    1) From:     "[iso-8859-1] Hélène Knoerr" <hknoerr at>
       Subject:  Review for Baker's book on bilingualism

  11.1943, Review: Wright: Community and Communication

    1) From:     Nelson-Dedaic <nelson-dedaic at>
       Subject:  Review of Sue Wright's Community and Communication

  11.1944, Jobs: Italian Ling Assist Prof, Univ of Texas, Austin

    1) From:     David Birdsong <birdsong at>
       Subject:  Italian Ling: Assistant Professor at Univ of Texas, Austin

  11.1945, Disc: Linguistics & Nominalising Languages

    1) From:     Lotfi at
       Subject:  RE: Dis. Is linguistics 'thing'uistics?
    2) From:     Zylogy at
       Subject:  Re: 11.1932, Disc: Linguisics & Nominalising Languages
    3) From:     "James L. Fidelholtz" <jfidel at>
       Subject:  Re: 11.1932, Disc: Linguisics & Nominalising Languages
    4) From:     "Karl V. Teeter" <kvt at>
       Subject:  Re: 11.1932, Disc: Linguisics & Nominalising Languages

  11.1946, Disc: Linguistics & Nominalising Languages

    1) From:     Dan Moonhawk Alford <dalford at>
       Subject:  Re: 11.1932, Disc: Linguisics & Nominalising Languages
    2) From:     larryt at (Larry Trask)
       Subject:  Disc: Linguistics & Nominalising Languages

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