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  13.3372, Qs: Lang-Dependent Iconicity, 'Congratulations'

    1) From:     Ariel Cohen <arikc at>
       Subject:  Language-dependent iconicity?
    2) From:     Marcus Callies <callies at>
       Subject:  Congratulations

  13.3373, Jobs: Foreign Language Testing: Project Officer, CA

    1) From:     John.Neff at
       Subject:  Foreign Language Testing: Test Development Project Officer,CA, USA

  13.3374, Books: Pragmatics/Semantics: Sachiko Shudo

    1) From:     jleppig at
       Subject:  Presupposition & Discourse Functions of the Japanese Particle "mo"

  13.3375, Books: Ling Theories/Phonetics/Phonology: Zhang

    1) From:     jleppig at
       Subject:  The Effects of Duration & Sonority on Contour Tone Distribution

  13.3376, Books: General Ling/Phonetics/Phonology: Kavitskaya

    1) From:     jleppig at
       Subject:  Compensatory Lengthening: Darya  Kavitskaya

  13.3377, Books: Historical Ling/Syntax: Linda  van Bergen

    1) From:     jleppig at
       Subject:  Pronouns & Word Order in Old English: Linda van Bergen

  13.3378, Books: Ling Theories/Morphology/Phonology: Struijke

    1) From:     jleppig at
       Subject:  Existential Faithfulness: Caro  Struijke

  13.3379, Calls: Gramatica Generativa/Applied Linguistics

    1) From:     laurak at
       Subject:  Encuentro de Gramatica Generativa, Argentina
    2) From:     kevinzzh at
       Subject:  Applied Linguistics & Language, China

  13.3380, Calls: Slavic Languages/Language Acquisition

    1) From:     uwe at
       Subject:  Formal Description of Slavic Languages, Germany
    2) From:     jacqueline.vankampen at
       Subject:  Generative Approaches to Language Acquisition, Netherlands

  13.3381, Calls: Context/Journal of Universal Language

    1) From:     "Roberta Ferrario" <ferrix at>
       Subject:  Modeling and Using Context, CA USA
    2) From:     "jytak at" <jytak at>
       Subject:  Journal of Universal Language

  13.3382, FYI: AAT Programs for ICAS Term Set Localization

    1) From:     "AAT at" <aat at>
       Subject:  AAT Programs for ICAS Term Set Localization

  13.3383, Calls: Anaphora/Reuse of Evaluation Resources

    1) From:     "Robert Dale" <rdale at>
       Subject:  Workshop on the Computational Treatment of Anaphora, Hungary
    2) From:     ekaterini pastra <pastrak at>
       Subject:  Workshop on the Reuse of Evaluation Resources and Metrics, Hungary

  13.3384, Books: Sociolinguistics: Larrivee (ed.)

    1) From:     f.kennedy at
       Subject:  Linguistic Conflict and Language Laws: Larrivee (ed.)

  13.3385, All: This week's LINGUIST Notice Board

    1) From:     notice at
       Subject:  This week's LINGUIST Notice Board

  13.3386, Disc: Linguists and Advertising

    1) From:     Joseph F Foster <fosterjf at>
       Subject:  Re: 13.3363, Disc: Linguists and Advertising
    2) From:     Meryl Siegal <msiegal at>
       Subject:  Language and policy
    3) From:     "Harold F. Schiffman" <haroldfs at>
       Subject:  language and advertising
    4) From:     Emily McEwan-Fujita <e-mcewan at>
       Subject:  Re: Linguists and advertising (sent a letter)

  13.3387, Books: Modified Issue 13.3315: Semantics: Loebner

    1) From:     Sebastian Loebner <Loebner at>
       Subject:  Understanding Semantics: Loebner

  13.3388, Books: Sociolinguistics/Lang Description: Fought

    1) From:     f.kennedy at
       Subject:  Chicano English in Context: Fought

  13.3389, Books: Discourse Analysis:  Coupland & Gwyn (eds.)

    1) From:     f.kennedy at
       Subject:  Discourse, the Body, and Identity: Coupland & Gwyn (eds.)

  13.3390, Books: Discourse Analysis: Weiss & Wodak (eds.)

    1) From:     f.kennedy at
       Subject:  Critical Discourse Analysis: Weiss & Wodak (eds.)

  13.3391, Books: Syntax: Rupp

    1) From:     f.kennedy at
       Subject:  The Syntax of Imperatives in English and Germanic...

  13.3392, Review: Psycholing/Ling Theories:Merlo&Stevenson (2002)

    1) From:     C A Ankerstein <hcp02caa at>
       Subject:  Merlo & Stevenson (2002), The Lexical Basis of Sentence Processing

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