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  13.3408, Jobs: Computational Ling: Post Doc, U/of Memphis

    1) From:     mlouwers at
       Subject:  Computational Linguistics: Post Doc, University of Memphis, TN

  13.3409, Jobs: Computer Science: Full or Assoc Prof, Vermont

    1) From:     Xindong Wu <xwu at>
       Subject:  Computer Science: Full or Associate Professor, The U/of Vermont

  13.3410, Sum: Endangered Languages: Addendum

    1) From:     "Dan Everett" <dan.everett at>
       Subject:  Correction to Summary on Endangered Languages

  13.3411, Books: Modified Re: 13.3319: Sociolinguistics

    1) From:     bartonm at
       Subject:  Modified Re: 13.3319: Language and German Disunity, Stevenson

  13.3412, Review: Morphology/Syntax: McGregor (2002)

    1) From:     Claire Bowern <bowern at>
       Subject:  McGregor (2002), Verb Classification in Australian Languages

  13.3413, Confs: Linguistic Systems and Cognitive Categories

    1) From:     robert at
       Subject:  Linguistic Systems and Cognitive Categories, Paris France

  13.3414, Diss: Lang Acquisition: Anderson "The Acquisition..."

    1) From:     dla20 at
       Subject:  Lang Acquisition: Anderson "The Acquisition of Tough-Movement in English"

  13.3415, Calls: Chicago Ling Society/Generative Lexicon

    1) From:     ikimbara at
       Subject:  Chicago Linguistic Society, IL USA
    2) From:     kanzaki at
       Subject:  Generative Approaches to the Lexicon, Geneva Switzerland

  13.3416, Confs: Artificial Intelligence, India

    1) From:     "bhanu at" <bhanu at>
       Subject:  Artificial Intelligence, India

  13.3417, Disc: Next to Last Posting/Linguists & Advertising

    1) From:     "Michael A. Covington" <mc at>
       Subject:  Re: 13.3405, Disc: Linguists and Advertising

  13.3418, Support: Slavic & E. European Langs/Ohio State/USA

    1) From:     Charles Gribble <gribble.3 at>
       Subject:  Slavic and East European Languages and Literatures

  13.3419, FYI: New Mailing List: Neuroling

    1) From:     "Giancarlo Buoiano" <g.buoiano at>
       Subject:  New mailing list for Neurolinguists and Neuropsychologists

  13.3420, Software: Beta Release of the Versioning Machine 1.0

    1) From:     "Susan Schreibman" <ss423 at>
       Subject:  Announcing the Beta Release of the Versioning Machine 1.0

  13.3421, Qs: Alphabetical Order/Spanish, Minidisc Recorders

    1) From:     Earl M Herrick <e-herrick at>
       Subject:  Spanish alphabetical order
    2) From:     Steve Hartman Keiser <s.hartman.keiser at>
       Subject:  Minidisc use in field and lab

  13.3422, Calls: Pattern Recognition, Journal of Universal Lang

    1) From:     mvzaanen at
       Subject:  Grammatical Inference Techniques & Applications
    2) From:     jytak at
       Subject:  Journal of Universal Language

  13.3423, Confs: Applied Ling & Lang Teaching: Beijing/Shanghai

    1) From:     kevinzzh at
       Subject:  6th International Symposium on Applied Linguistics
        & Language Teaching

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