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  13.1842, Qs: Lang & Power Materials, Text Encoding Problems

    1) From:     cynthia mccollie-lewis <cmclewis at>
       Subject:  language and power course materials
    2) From:     Deborah Anderson <dwanders at>
       Subject:  Problems in multilingual online text projects

  13.1843, Qs: Indo-European Programs, String Length

    1) From:     Deborah Anderson <dwanders at>
       Subject:  Colleges/univ. teaching Indo-European
    2) From:     Munozgem at
       Subject:  Translated string length

  13.1844, Books: Syntax: Reineke Kok-Bennema

    1) From:     E.van.Broekhuizen at
       Subject:  La oraciĆ³n y sus constituyentes. Estudios de sintaxis generativa edited by Reineke  Kok-Bennema

  13.1845, TOC: Journal of Communication Disorders,Vol.35 No.4

    1) From:     "Neden, Julie (ELS)" <j.neden at>
       Subject:  Journal of Communication Disorders, Vol 35 Iss 4

  13.1846, TOC: Philologie im Netz, Iss.21

    1) From:     PhiN.Philologie im Netz <phin at>
       Subject:  PhiN 21/2002

  13.1847, Review: Sociolinguistics,R. Mesthrie (2001)

    1) From:     Patricia Donaher <donaher at>
       Subject:  Mesthrie (2001) Socioling: Concise Encyclopedia of Sociolinguistics

  13.1848, Diss: Syntax: Mahmoud "A Contrastive Study..."

    1) From:     atmahmoud4 at
       Subject:  Syntax: Mahmoud "A Contrastive Study of Middle and Inchoative..."

  13.1849, Books: Text/Corpus Linguistics,B.Ketteman & G.Marko

    1) From:     E.van.Broekhuizen at
       Subject:  TALC proceedings: Teaching and Learning by Doing Corpus Analysis edited by  Bernhard  Ketteman & Georg  Marko

  13.1850, Confs: 3rd Int. Forum of Morphology, Lille, France

    1) From:     Nabil Hathout <Nabil.Hathout at>
       Subject:  Call for participation to the 3rd Forum of Morphology

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