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  13.1894, Books: Comput Ling:B.Granstrom,D.House,I.Karlsson

    1) From:     kap-listman at
       Subject:  Multimodality in Language and Speech Systems

  13.1895, Books: Discourse Analysis: Dialectic & Rhetoric

    1) From:     kap-listman at
       Subject:  Dialectic and Rhetoric edited by Frans H. van Eemeren & Peter Houtlosser

  13.1896, Books: Cognitive Sci:E.Witruk,A.Friederici,T.Lachmann

    1) From:     kap-listman at
       Subject:  Basic Functions of Language, Reading and Reading Disability

  13.1897, Diss: Socioling: Ngom "Lexical Borrowings..."

    1) From:     ngom at
       Subject:  Socioling: Ngom "Lexical Borrowings as Sociolinguistic..."

  13.1898, TOC: Language Policy, Vol.1 No.2

    1) From:     kap-listman at
       Subject:  Language Policy. Vol. 1, Issue 2

  13.1899, TOC: Anthropological Linguistics,Vol.43 No.4

    1) From:     "john a. erickson" <jaericks at>
       Subject:  TOC: Anthropological Linguistics, Vol. 43, No. 4 (Winter 2001)

  13.1900, Calls: Pragmatics, Computational Ling

    1) From:     "K.M. Jaszczolt" <kmj21 at>
       Subject:  temporality and post-Gricean pragmatics (
    2) From:     Ann Copestake <Ann.Copestake at>
       Subject:  Call for Papers: EACL-03

  13.1901, Calls: Computational Ling, Portuguese Lang

    1) From:     Steven Krauwer <steven.krauwer at>
       Subject:  EACL-03: Call for Workshop Proposals
    2) From:     "Dr Chrys Chrystello" <chryschrystello at>
       Subject:  Coloquio Anual da Lusofon - SLP Porto 2002 "Rethinking Lusophonia as a tool to promote and draw close different cultures"

  13.1902, Calls: Lexical Markers of Common Grounds

    1) From:     Kerstin Fischer <fischer at>
       Subject:  CfP: Lexical Markers of Common Grounds

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