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  13.1187, All: Linguistic Abstracts Online, April Update

    1) From:     Terry Langendoen <langendt at U.Arizona.EDU>
       Subject:  Linguistics Abstracts April update

  13.1188, Qs: Arabic Phonetics, EFL/China:Empirical Studies

    1) From:     "Kurt S. Godden" <kgodden at>
       Subject:  Arabic Phonetics
    2) From:     Peter Gu<guyongqi at>
       Subject:  EFL in China: Empirical Studies

  13.1189, TOC: Int. J. of Bilingual Education & Bilingualism

    1) From:     kathryn at
       Subject: International Journal of Bilingual Education & Bilingualism

  13.1190, Review: LingTheories:McCarthy(2001)Thematic Guide to OT

    1) From:     Marina Tzakosta <M.Tzakosta at>
       Subject:  McCarthy (2001) A Thematic Guide to Optimality Theory

  13.1191, TOC: Language Awareness, Vol.11 No.1

    1) From:     kathryn at
       Subject:  Language Awareness Vol 11 No 1, 2002

  13.1192, Review: Applied Ling: van der Geest (2001) Web Design

    1) From:     Sophie Piron <sophiepiron at>
       Subject:  van der Geest, Thea M. (2001) Web Site Design is Communication Design

  13.1193, Diss: Psycholing: Walenski "Relating Parsers..."

    1) From:     walenski at
       Subject:  Psycholing: Walenski "Relating Parsers and Grammars"

  13.1194, Books: Lang Description: The Verb in Turkish

    1) From:     paul at
       Subject: The Verb in Turkish by Eser E. Taylan (ed.)

  13.1195, Calls: Applied Ling, University of Cologne

    1) From:     Warnke <warnke at>
       Subject:  Theorie und Praxis der Rechtsvermittlung

  13.1196, Confs: Finnic Langs, University of Helsinki

    1) From:     Johanna Laakso <johanna.laakso at>
       Subject:  Symposium: RECONNECTING FINNIC

  13.1197, Confs: Malay/Indonesian Linguistics

    1) From:     MPI EVA Jakarta Field Station <mpg at>
       Subject:  Malay/Indonesian Linguistics

  13.1198, Confs: Chinese Ling, University of Arizona

    1) From:     Feng-hsi Liu <fliu at>
       Subject:  Chinese Linguistics Conference--NACCL 14

  13.1199, Confs: Lang Resources and Evaluation

    1) From:     Steven Krauwer <steven.krauwer at>
       Subject:  Roadmap Workshop at LREC2002

  13.1200, Review: Morphology/Syntax: The Verb in Turkish

    1) From:     Lisa A Shannon <lisashan at>
       Subject:  Taylan (2001) The Verb in Turkish

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