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  13.1308, Jobs: Modified: Generalist, AsstProf, U/North TX USA

    1) From:     James T.F.Tanner, Chair <jamest at>
       Subject:  Modified Re: 13.1069: Generalist, AsstProf U/North TX, USA

  13.1309, Jobs: Literacy/Applied Ling: Researcher Washington DC

    1) From:     "Phyllis Tate" <phyllis at>
       Subject:  Literacy (Applied Ling): Researcher, Center for Applied Ling, DC USA

  13.1310, Jobs: Lang Acquisition/Lang Change: Lecturer, CA USA

    1) From:     Deborah Burke <dburke at>
       Subject:  Language Acquisition/Language Change: lecturer, Pomona College, CA USA

  13.1311, Jobs: TESOL, Applied Ling: Instructor, Taiwan

    1) From:     Chung Shuying <tequlia at>
       Subject:  TESOL, Applied Ling: Instructor, National Sun Yat-sen Univ, Taiwan

  13.1312, Jobs: Speech Recog: Lang Modelling Scientist, UK

    1) From:     "David Horowitz" <dhorowitz at>
       Subject:  Speech Recog: Language Modelling Scientist, Vox Generation UK

  13.1313, Jobs: Syntax/Semantics: Researcher, Tuebingen Germany

    1) From:     Uli Sauerland <uli at>
       Subject:  Syntax, Semantics: Researcher at Tuebingen Germany

  13.1314, Jobs: Ling/Applied Ling: Director, TX A&M Univ, USA

    1) From:     Dr.Patricia Harris-Watkins <p-harris at>
       Subject:  Ling/Applied Ling: Director of English Language Institute,TX A&M U USA

  13.1315, Calls: Socioling, University of Heidelberg/Mannheim

    1) From:     Joachim Scharloth <Scharloth at>
       Subject:  Call for Papers

  13.1316, Confs: Update: Ontologies & Lexical Knowledge Bases

    1) From:     "Kiril Simov" <kivs at>
       Subject:  LREC2002 Workshop on Ontologies and Lexical Knowledge Bases

  13.1317, TOC: Language Problems & Language Planning, 26:1

    1) From:     paul at
       Subject:  New TOC: Table of Contents: Language Problems and Language Planning 26:1 2002

  13.1318, TOC: Language Problems & Language Planning, 25:3

    1) From:     paul at
       Subject:  Table of Contents: Language Problems and Language Planning 25:3 2001

  13.1319, TOC: Evolution of Communication, Vol.4 No.1

    1) From:     paul at
       Subject:  New TOC: Table of contents: Evolution of Communication 4:1 2000/01

  13.1320, TOC: Diachronica, Vol.18 No.1

    1) From:     paul at
       Subject:  New TOC: Table of contents: Diachronica 18:1 2001

  13.1321, TOC: Studies in Language, Vol.25 No.2

    1) From:     paul at
       Subject:  New TOC: Table of Contents: Studies in Language 25:2 2001

  13.1322, Books: Working Papers in African Linguistics, Vol.2

    1) From:     "Torrence, William Harold" <torrence at>
       Subject:  UCLA Working Papers in African Linguistics

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