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  13.1331, TOC: Studies in Language, Vol.25 No.3

    1) From:     paul at
       Subject:  New TOC: Table of Contents: Studies in Language 25:3 2001

  13.1332, Review: Phonetics/Phonology: Hume & Johnson (2001)

    1) From:     Ewa Jacewicz <jacewicz.1 at>
       Subject:  Hume & Johnson, ed. (2001) Role of Speech Perception in Phonology

  13.1333, FYI: Research Participants, ESSLI, Phonetics List

    1) From:     Khairul Sufi <khairul_sufi at>
    2) From:     Nadia Mana <mana at>
       Subject:  ESSLLI2002: early registration deadline ---> 15 May !!!
    3) From:     "Karen S. Chung" <karchung at>
       Subject:  New e-mail list: PHONETICS

  13.1334, Disc: Falsifiability vs. Usefulness

    1) From:     "Dan Everett" <dan_everett at>
       Subject:  RE: 13.1330, Disc: Falsifiability vs. Usefulness
    2) From:     "Dan Everett" <dan_everett at>
       Subject:  RE: 13.1330, Disc: Falsifiability vs. Usefulness

  13.1335, Qs: ASL/Initialization, Latvian Tones

    1) From:     Katy  Watts <caw903 at>
       Subject:  Initialization in ASL
    2) From:     Jardar E Abrahamsen <jardar at>
       Subject:  tones in Latvian

  13.1336, Jobs: TEFL/TESL: English Instructor, Jilin China

    1) From:     Major <monsoon_li at>
       Subject:  TEFL/TESL: English Instructor at Everyday Language School, Jilin China

  13.1337, Jobs: English Ling: Lecturer at Aarhus Univ, Denmark

    1) From:     Dominic Rainsford <engdr at>
       Subject:  English Linguistics: Lecturer at Aarhus University, Denmark

  13.1338, Jobs: Computational Ling: NLP Lecturer Dublin Ireland

    1) From:     "Andy.Way" <away at>
       Subject:  Computational Ling: NLP Lecturer, Dublin City University, Ireland

  13.1339, Calls: Balkan & South Slavic Ling, Romance Corpus Ling

    1) From:     Brian Joseph <bjoseph at>
       Subject:  Prize Competition Announcement
    2) From:     Claus Pusch <Claus.Pusch at>
       Subject:  Calls: Romance corpus linguistics

  13.1340, Calls: General Ling, Algoquian Lang

    1) From:     Mary Jane Hurst <maryjane.hurst at>
       Subject:  LASSO Call for Papers
    2) From:     Charlotte Reinholtz <cr19 at>
       Subject:  Call for papers: 34th Algonquian Conference

  13.1341, Diss: Anthropological Ling: Makihara "Bilingualism.."

    1) From:     miki_makihara at
       Subject:  Anthropological Ling: Makihara "Bilingualism, Social Change..."

  13.1342, Diss: History of Ling: Heinrich "Reception of..."

    1) From:     Patrick.Heinrich at
       Subject:  History of Ling: Heinrich "Reception of Western Linguistics in Japan"

  13.1343, Books: McGill Working Papers (McGWPL), Vol 16

    1) From:     Theres Grueter <theres.gruter at>
       Subject:  McGill Working Papers (McGWPL), vol. 16

  13.1344, FYI: Correction: Slavic Ling, Update: Summer School

    1) From:     Brian Joseph <bjoseph at>
       Subject:  Prize Competition Results -- CORRECTION!!
    2) From:     Holmer Hemsen <hemsen at>
       Subject:  ESS2002 final programme and new deadlines

  13.1345, Software: VisualText: A New NLP Software Program

    1) From:     james at
       Subject:  VisualText: Integrated Development Environment for NLP

  13.1346, Calls: Linguistic Theory, Ling in Literacy

    1) From:     anna maria  Di Sciullo <di_sciullo.anne-marie at>
       Subject:  Language, Brain and Computation Conference
    2) From:     Linguistics <linguist at>
       Subject:  Linguistic Approaches to Literacy

  13.1347, Support: Computational Ling: PhD U/Groningen Netherlands

    1) From:     Petra Hendriks <P.Hendriks at>
       Subject:  Computational Ling: Ph.D. at University of Groningen, The Netherlands

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