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  13.1531, Qs: Irregularity/Kinship Vocabulary, L2 Research

    1) From:     Lise Dobrin <dobrin at>
       Subject:  irregularity in kinship vocabulary
    2) From:     Rudolf Reinelt <reinelt at>
       Subject:  L2 and L3 research

  13.1532, Books: Applied Ling:Designing Language Teaching Tasks

    1) From:     Barnett Polly <p.barnett at>
       Subject: Designing Language Teaching Tasks by Keith Johnson

  13.1533, Books: Phonology:Intonation and Stress

    1) From:     Barnett Polly <p.barnett at>
       Subject:  Intonation and Stress by Lá szló Varga

  13.1534, All: This week's notice

    1) From:     notice at
       Subject:  This week's notice

  13.1535, Diss: Computational Ling: Eisner "Smoothing..."

    1) From:     jason at
       Subject:  Computational Ling: Eisner "Smoothing a Probabilistic Lexicon..."

  13.1536, Sum: Verb Tense Inversion

    1) From:     William Morris <wmorris at>
       Subject:  Summary

  13.1537, FYI: Scripts/Unicode, Summer School, Corpora Courses

    1) From:     dwanders at socrates.Berkeley.EDU
       Subject:  Update on Computer Support for Languages/Scripts
    2) From:     "Natasha" <cosmopolitan at>
       Subject:  International Summer Language School in Siberia 'Mission of Peace'
    3) From:     John Sinclair <jms at>
       Subject:  June Courses at The Tuscan Word Centre

  13.1538, Calls: Metaphors, Generative Ling

    1) From:     "Tony Berber Sardinha" <tony4 at>
       Subject:  Calls: reminder - deadline for metaphor conference 30 May
    2) From:     federico.damonte at
       Subject:  Eleventh meeting of the Student Organization of Linguistics in Europe (Console) - second call for papers

  13.1539, Calls: Computational Ling, General Ling

    1) From:     Jing-Shin Chang <jshin at>
       Subject:  COLING-2002: First Call for Participation
    2) From:     Peter Gingiss <pjgingiss at>
       Subject:  FINAL CALL

  13.1540, Calls: Historical Syntax, Lexical Variation & Change

    1) From:     "Juhani Klemola" <juhani.klemola at>
       Subject:  Final CfP: Approaches to Historical Syntax
    2) From:     Stefan Grondelaers <stefan.grondelaers at>
       Subject:  Measuring Lexical Variation & Change

  13.1541, Calls: Ling Articles, Characteristics of /r/

    1) From:     "Dubravko Kucanda" <dubravko.kucanda at>
       Subject:  Jezikoslovlje leaflet
    2) From:     Hans Van de Velde <hvdvelde at>
       Subject:  conference call 'r-atics2

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