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    1) From:     linguistlist reviews <reviews at>

  14.588, Qs: English Judgement Needed, Discourse Markers

    1) From:     Hans Prufer <hprufer at>
       Subject:  Meaning Analysis of a Sentence
    2) From:     Jill Bergman <jillb18 at>
       Subject:  Discourse markers

  14.589, Calls: Resources Infrastructure/La partition en langue

    1) From:     steven.krauwer at
       Subject:  Resources Infrastucture Workshop
    2) From:     Colloque Partition <collpart at>
       Subject:  La partition en langue et en discours

  14.590, Confs: Discourse Nexus 1.0, Denmark

    1) From:     paul at
       Subject:  Discourse Nexus 1.0

  14.591, Confs: Neurogenic Language Disorders in Children

    1) From:     mvukovic at
       Subject:  Symposium on Neurogenic Language Disorders in Children

  14.592, Jobs: English:Teacher, Yeonsei Language School, Korea

    1) From:     alexyls at
       Subject:  English: Teacher, Yeonsei Language School, Republic of Korea

  14.593, Jobs: Italian: Instructor, IOR Global Services

    1) From:     edalling at
       Subject:  Italian Language: Instructor, IOR Global Services, United Kingdom

  14.594, Jobs: Syntax: Rank Open, Seoul National University

    1) From:     nam at
       Subject:  Syntax: Rank Open, Seoul National University, Republic of Korea

  14.595, Jobs: Translation: President, iProbe Inc., New York

    1) From:     setbon at
       Subject:  Translation: President, iProbe Multilingual Solutions, Inc., NY, USA

  14.596, Jobs: TESOL: Visiting Asst Professor, Stony Brook U

    1) From:     ellen.broselow at
       Subject:  TESOL: Visiting Asst Professor or Lecturer, Stony Brook University

  14.597, Jobs: Syntax: Instructor, University of Victoria, BC

    1) From:     gmoyer at
       Subject:  Syntax: Instructor, University of Victoria, BC, Canada

  14.598, Jobs: ESL: Teacher, Zhengzhou University, China

    1) From:     zhianxie at
       Subject:  ESL: Teacher, Zhengzhou University, Henan Province, China

  14.599, Calls: Lang Acquisition/Logic, Lang & Information

    1) From:     dcavar at
       Subject:  Bootstrapping in Language Acquisition
    2) From:     info at
       Subject:  European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information

  14.600, Media: BBC Programmes: Feral Children

    1) From:     James Scobbie <jscobbie at>
       Subject:  BBC Programmes Feb 2003 on feral children

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