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  14.623, Qs: Writing Systems, Literature and Variation

    1) From:     bender at csli.Stanford.EDU
       Subject:  Writing systems and reading speeds
    2) From:     bender at csli.Stanford.EDU
       Subject:  Sociolinguistics and comparative literature

  14.624, Calls: Modality, Austria/Bare Structures, Morocco

    1) From:     kaufmann at
       Subject:  Conditional and Unconditional Modality
    2) From:     atourabi at
       Subject:  Bare Structures and Functional Projections

  14.625, Calls: Text/Corpus Linguistics/Translation

    1) From:     l.lagerwerf at
       Subject:  Multidisciplinary Approaches to Discourse
    2) From:     b.vanderveer at
       Subject:  Linguistica Antverpiensia New Series

  14.626, Calls: Learning Word Meaning/French Lang Studies

    1) From:     Priscilla Rasmussen <rasmusse at>
       Subject:  Learning Word Meaning from Non-Linguistic Data
    2) From:     "Florence Myles" <F.J.Myles at>
       Subject:  Association for French Language Studies

  14.627, Calls: Data Processing of African Languages

    1) From:     Marc Van Campenhoudt <termisti at>

  14.628, TOC: Semiotica, Vol 143 No 1/4 (2003)

    1) From:     Julia Ulrich <Julia.Ulrich at>
       Subject:  Semiotica 143 1/4 (2003), Special issue: The crisis of representation

  14.629, Books: Linguistic Theories/Syntax:Roberts, Roussou

    1) From:     jreid at
       Subject:  Syntactic Change: Roberts, Roussou

  14.630, Books: Ling Theories/Discourse Analysis: Smith

    1) From:     jreid at
       Subject:  Modes of Discourse: Smith

  14.631, Books: Psycholinguistics: White

    1) From:     jreid at
       Subject:  Second Language Aquisition and Universal Grammar: White

  14.632, Books: Sociolinguistics: Collins, Blot

    1) From:     jreid at
       Subject:  Literacy and Literacies: Collins, Blot

  14.633, Books: Sociolinguistics: Curzan

    1) From:     jreid at
       Subject:  Gender Shifts in the History of English: Curzan

  14.634, Books: Sociolinguistics: Hickey

    1) From:     jreid at
       Subject:  Motives for Language Change: Hickey

  14.635, Books: Cognitive Science/General Ling: Levinson

    1) From:     jreid at
       Subject:  Space in Language and Cognition: Levinson

  14.636, All: Keeping LINGUIST On Track - The Advisors...

    1) From:     linguist at
       Subject:  Correction to yesterday's issue...
    2) From:     linguist at
       Subject:  A Message From Ahmad Lofti
    3) From:     linguist at
       Subject:  The LINGUIST List Advisors - keeping us on our toes...
    4) From:     linguist at
       Subject:  How to Donate to LINGUIST and Contributors So Far

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